Fix Your Crown!

I know you change your hairstyles more often than not especially when you’re in a new relationship, new job, new position or have been in the public eye for a long while. With every new hairstyle and with every attire you have to change, you’re to never forget your crown and make sure it fits with the hair as you’re never to be found wanting. Now, this is significantly similar with every other aspects of our lives. We constantly adjust and adapt no matter the changes we go through- our crowns must be fixed and fitted.

In the journey of life, we constantly encounter changes we have to adjust and adapt to while letting it overhaul major parts of us sometimes without foreknowledge and preparation on how to mitigate what’s already done. Sometimes, damage control becomes an override depending on the situation. Now, here’s when to fix your crown…

When the people you called friends and thought would have your back suddenly gets jealous about the other people in your life, pick up grudges because you’ve decided to love yourself a little bit more and protect your mental health, when they decide to cut off communication ties from you because you’ve stopped reaching out too…now, that’s when to change that hairstyle, wear some makeup, fix your crown and enforce new security checks and system updates.

When the people from the opposite sex whom you thought you meant a lot too and spent your resources on trying to make the friendship, situationship or relationship work suddenly bail out, turn the lights off and show up when they feel they can…now, that’s when you change your outfit, fix your crown, pour you some wine, reboot the system, change passwords and host a binge watch party to lose yourself in the comedy and all the actions on the screen.

When the people from work care less about your health and happiness which are keys to being productive decide to be non-chalant about you and think you’re irreplaceable just like that and they’re either doing you a favor or doing themselves some disservice by being concerned about you…now, that’s when you get a cruise ticket, pack up, fix your crown and watch them do their thing while you get ready to leave as soon as the exit time alarm goes off and don’t you forget to mute or click ‘control delete’ on their contacts and move on.

When the people who are in positions to help you decide to take a left turn when you approach, avoid you or cook up tales of excuses or play politics with the proposal, contract or prize you deserve and make you fail, leave you frustrated and sad without results, answers or a reasonable explanation…now, that’s when you drop the cards, take a last sip, pick up your bag, fix your crown and quit the scene with all the broken pieces left to patch up and plan a next move without them.

Trust me you need to protect your space, your vibes, energy, mental and emotional health, your finances too and even if you have to be selfish while doing it, then, go ahead, but don’t you forget to fix your crown because they don’t deserve you and you deserve better, the best and all the royalties accorded that crown on your head. Don’t look down, but raise your chin, keep your shoulders high and move gracefully, putting people and things in their place and addressing everyone that comes along accordingly. You are a Queen and a King too. Fix your God damn crown!

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