Rebooting Me…

Has life been fair to you? Maybe a couple of times or more for me, but sometimes, never!. For a while now or as long as I can remember, life has handed me a lot of things, splashed it on me and possibly rained these things on me, but I’ll tell you what; life has been one hell of a ride with a little Heavenly adventure sometimes.

Over time, I’ve had to diet, work out or subject myself to the different imbalanced meal life has served me, but I’ve decided to do like a few others and add some extras to it. So, I’m cooking me a whole Kors balanced meal and with the different ball peppers and atarodos life has thrown at me, I’ve decided to make me a bowl of peppersoup. With the lemons I’ve had to trip from, I’m making a cocktail of lemonade. With every pain I’ve had to face and encounter, I’m squeezing out some Champaign and because I’ve had to sit my ass in the chimney passing through a hell on Earth, I’m serving me some chips with some choiced protein on the side. If you’re starving, forgive me in advance because this table is set for one.

I’m so done trying to be every version of the person I am not, was taken advantage of and I’ve decided to reboot me with this continental menu in an executive suite at a private resort because sincerely, I need all the strength and strategy I can to make a comeback. Watch me while I make magic happen for myself. Let nobody and nothing steal your joy…ever!

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