Called To Be…

I may not be the perfect one or confident one who tops the list and brings her ‘A’ game regardless, but I know who I am, what I have, where I need to be.

Daily, I move with fear, doubt, insecurities and all the challenges I was born to see, logging behind me, dragging my pace, slowing me down and constantly trying to shut me out, but each day, I rise against the odds, remind myself of who I am, rekindle the fire, get a hold of my strengths, giftings and potentials and keep showing up because I was called to be myself.

I was called to be beautiful, elegant, strong, courageous, confident, smart, seductive, humble, intelligent, a leader, a role model, a trail blazer, a light, sweetener, whatever you wanna call it. I was called to be myself and each day when I wake, I constantly call myself to be the best and truest version of myself regardless.

I change circles, switch characters, remold my words and actions, reshape things, break down walls and discard relationships…each day, a part of me is broken from the lies, heartaches, troubles, frustrating times, annoying people and terrible situations, but each day, I become stronger, more confident, more fierce and feisty, more smart and more me… I have chosen to keep my circle small and embrace simplicity because life gives and takes… it’s unpredictable and happiness lies in the smallest things in life.

So, today, I call myself to be who I am and to do all I can, while I can and just the way I want it to be. I am scarred and scared, but I am a priceless piece of art whose scarred sides has helped my value rise higher than I was originally made. One too many times, I’ve let down my guard, laid down my principles, broken the rules, opened the gates and taken off my crown to let others into my space, but not anymore. With my strength, confidence and dedication to constantly being the best version of myself, I learn and grow through the different experiences that has made me who I am today. So, I’m never taking off my crown anymore. I deserve to be respected, loved, admired and accorded all the royalties I have worked so hard for. Yes, I am called to be priceless.

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2 thoughts on “Called To Be…

  1. I’m called to be priceless. I’ll move in the direction of my goals. I’ll hold my head up high and adjust my crown, I’m unashamed, I am called to be the real me. I step into all the possibilities that lie ahead. I’m an overcomer.

    Thanks for this timely piece

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