Wrap-Up July

And July is a wrap! Wheew! It started off on a really good frequency and yes, my vibe and that of the amazing people in my life kept me walking on cloud-9 till the last day. I almost lost that vibe on the 30th- as a result of too many lost opportunities and annoying experiences that day, buh I have some really amazing people who kept reassuring me of the many good things ahead and all and yeah, 31st July ended on a really exciting note with a sense of fulfilment and peace and yes, I can sleep naked and roll knowing I’ve achieved my many little things.

Last year July, I started a solo motion journey to self-discovery, self-development, chasing passion and living my best life and trust me, all I’ve achieved in this last one year sums up in my theme for the decade- #growth! There’s more work to be done, but I’m grateful to God, friends and family for being a part of the process.

Work resumed this month and yeah, it’s gradually getting back to how it was before the lockdown, but this time, I’m looking out for other opportunities to avail myself with and prep for the day my contract will expire. I found one opportunity I loved with the African Union, but I was one step away to completion, but couldn’t get my recommendation letter because I had my hopes tied to my HR. That’s a huge lesson I’ve learned. I’m still checking out for more and kindly help me out if you find anything…thanks.

On the 28th of June, I weighed 73.3kg and had a goal to hit 70kg by the end of July and tada…I did it with 70kg on the dot. I feel so good, light and excited I was able to make this a reality- thanks to my workout partner too- Rhema. Plus, I lost 3inches on my waist and I’ve gotten back to my food pattern. I hope to be on 65kg in a few months and God willing, it’s gonna happen- trust me. That’s determination!

I rebranded my podcast and modified some things, published my monthly magazine on my IG page and I’m happy I even started a new IG personal account. I hit 50 followers on this blog in July and I’m so grateful to all of you who read, follow, share and visit my blog. Thank you and God bless you in abundance for making me smile and giving me a reason to keep coming back. I’m so excited. I read two books this month- Becoming by Michelle Obama and Get Your Shit Together by Sarah Knight- which I read in three days. I couldn’t see any movies this month, buh I practiced a lot of self-care routines and did some personal branding too.

2020 is really moving so fast- have you noticed? Well, it is what it is. I wish you the very best of August and I pray your answers come through this month. What was your July like?

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