Slow Down…

We get so caught up in life’s daily activities so much that we sometimes forget when we need to pause, stop, take a break or just slow down. From rushing out of the bed, to the shower, throwing a towel on the line, grabbing a wash and wear dress, rubbing some oil or lotion on the visible parts of our bodies, grabbing a wig or hair brush, hurriedly applying a light make-up or maybe just a lip balm, adjusting our ties, belts, laces and zippers, immediately cleaning a foot wear in an attempt to make it sparkle, we grab a bite- if we can with one hand, hold our bags in another and somehow manage to hurdle both our keys and gadgets in whichever hand seems to be free, then, there’s a book or file grabbed by the upper and lower lips or teeth and zoom…we’re out of the house to make magic happen.

We get so caught up in life that we forget that we don’t always have to be busy or so busy at all. Sometimes, it’s good to slow it down, take time to organize, breathe and step out gracefully. We don’t always have to be swiping our phones for the latest news, update and even our mails. We don’t always have to rush a bite or a drink. We don’t always have to rush a bath or our make-up. We don’t always have to rush a kiss, a good bye hug or have a quickie. We don’t always have to multi-task and be on the speed lane every single time. We don’t always have to rush the driver and control the wheels from the passenger’s seat. We don’t always have to rush a proposal, a meeting or an application. We don’t have to rush a prayer, a meditation or a worship session. We don’t always have to rush a wake up session or even our breathing pattern. We don’t even have to rush at all if there’s no need to.

Sometimes, we’re the product of our own designs. We are unprepared, inconsistent, disorganized, undisciplined, non-chalant, inconsiderate and the makers and benders of our own will. We drag through time, complaining about the weather, the tasks ahead, the road, the driver, the car, the people around us and everything else beyond our control. If only we were a bit more organized, prepared or this or that, but no, we’re all not the same. So, when you wake up each day, no matter what you do, where you are or who you are, please know that you absolutely don’t need to rush over to the next thing because it’s okay to slow it down sometimes.

It’s okay to roll in bed a little more… It’s okay to let the water roll down your skin… It’s okay to taste the spice in each bite… It’s okay to smell the coffee… It’s okay to listen to the door close properly… It’s okay to feel and enjoy the breeze… It’s okay to appreciate nature for a brief moment… It’s okay to go on a date night and whisper in each other’s ears… It’s okay to watch a baby smile and smile right back… It’s okay to feel the sweat and heat during passionate love making moments… It’s okay to watch Netflix and chill… It’s okay to watch water boil and form little growing bubbles in a pot… It’s okay to stop running and take a deep breath… It’s okay to turn off the TV and just talk about every other thing… It’s okay to keep the phone away and just listen to music play… It’s okay to enjoy a card game, scrabble, puzzle or maybe throw pillows around… It’s okay to give your loved one a kiss and just tell them how blessed you are to have them in your life… It’s okay to call your parents and friends to chit chat and laugh about the tiny things… It’s okay to watch the rain fall, the sunrise, the moon shine and the stars twinkle… It’s okay to walk bare feet in the beach, listen to the waves roar and watch the tides… It’s okay to wind down and let the breeze blow through your hair… It’s okay to stare at a melting candle, play with the wax or just make a fireplace… It’s okay to eat your cake and have it too because last time I checked, there was no manual for living. We simply live the best way we can and make the most of each day. So, slow down…it’s okay to be you.

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