Trust The Process…

You don’t need to have it all together. You don’t need to see clearly all that lies ahead with the bends, curves, tilts and signs before taking the first step. You don’t need to be sure about what you’re getting into before you decide to live in the moment. You don’t need your plans, goals, maps, compass and other necessities intact before you make a move. You don’t need to see what tomorrow, next week, a few months or years will look like before you venture into that commitment. It’s okay to be afraid, be in doubt and second guess every word and action in the process, but the most important thing is starting the process with hope, trust and all the positivity you can avail yourself with.

Most times, we think and feel we need to have it all figured out- with our plans intact- before we even take the first step. But sometimes, it’s okay to take the first step without foresight of what lies ahead. The friendships we’ve built over time didn’t start off on a planned note. Some of the best moments and memories we’ve had weren’t planned out. The people we’ve encountered, places we’ve been, things we’ve done and steps that we took weren’t all planned out sometimes.

Like a kiss, a hug, a make-out, a proposal, a congratulatory message, a journey, the weather turn over, a mosquito bite, a first meeting, laughing out so loud with a stranger, getting a client at a movie, doing this and that…were all not planned out sometimes, but we made great memories and stuck on amazing stories to be shared later from these different happenings.

We sometimes walk alone, with others or pass by some others along the way who may have or have not encountered similar situations as we have. We look up, down, ahead, behind, cry, smile and just get lost in the minute of not knowing what to do, where to turn, what to say or how to decipher the when’s and where’s. Amazingly, all the twists and turns we encounter, the doubts and fears, the hope and trust we put into the next step leads us to where we need to go, be, stay and live. These leads us to the people we’re to meet, the things we’re to do and give us stories we’re meant to share.

It might take a while or longer to figure it out or come to the realization of the truth we once sort after, but here we are- faced with all the results to our fears, doubts, second guessing, trust, hope, faith, love and all the twists and turns that have finally led us to this point.

Growing up, we were taught this and that, others to navigate on our own and some to add to both the things we knew then, know now and the things we’re yet to know. Some we prepared for, others we didn’t, but somewhere, somehow, we’re faced today with the reality of the decisions we made out of fear and doubt, plunging deeper into the unknown and we now know what we never knew and never might have known if we never took a step a few minutes, days, weeks, months or years ago.

Like a new job, a budding relationship, a marriage proposal, a positive pregnancy result, the birth of a baby, an admission, a graduation, a new business venture, a partnership deal, the purchase of a new item, an entry into a contest, travelling to a new place, meeting someone for the first time, etc.; we all simply take the first step and trust ourselves to be successful in the long run. So, when you’re at the shore and about to set sail, when you’re on a flight and about to take off, when you’re at cross roads and don’t know where to go, what to do or say; simply take the first step and eventually you’ll find your way. Simply lay the first card and eventually you’ll solve the puzzle. Simply throw in the dice and the game will play out eventually. Simply take the job offer and in no time, you’ll become a pro. Simply do what you can, while you can, how you can and when you can… you don’t need to figure it all out. Trust the process and take baby steps because the path of the just shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day. The more you trust and take steps; the clearer it becomes.

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