As I Turn 25…

I think I just casually walked into 24 because really, I’m glad I made 23 a success with all the stress, pressure and responsibilities of being an adult and growing up. The last days got me caring less about whatever life was up to because sincerely, life is always up to something and you never know what’s cooking until you’re served hot or cold.

I clocked 24 in June and I thought about lots of ways to write about my 23rd year and the plans for 24 before I clock 25- but must I really have plans? I wish above all things that I could just live so casually and not have to take life so serious, but if wishes were horses… Life really is on a fast lane and in one sentence, I already have 23, 24 and 25 sitting together- which is to show you that truly, the clock is ticking and very fast too. So, at 23, I was able to do quite a few and a lot for myself which I am happy and proud about of the same time. However, there’s more work to be done too. Let’s start from the few accomplishments.

At 23, I can say I was able to start building a career portfolio for myself that is just quite enough for my age and qualification for now. Also, I am happy about the fact that I have learned and I am still learning a lot about life, people and just a lot more. Did I tell you I’m building my brand from scratch- which is something I’m excited about? Wait for it… it is loading.

My themes for this year are to ‘Personalize My Life & Increase My Social Standing’ of which I can say I’m proud of myself for working so hard to make this happen in the first half, leap and first 6 months of 2020. I have taken hold of my social media game and I am so excited for the achieved goals and accomplished milestones. Need I say that the followers, likes, comments and DMs have been an even greater source of motivation, inspiration and strength to make this a reality? Well, I am so excited about it and I sincerely appreciate every single person who is working behind and in front of the scenes to help me achieve this year’s goals.

So, as I turn 25, I have just a few things I want to achieve before then as my set goals, targets and plans for the New Year and age which began on the 20th of June this year- 2020. First off, I have finally opened a PiggyVest account and the goal is to save a 100 thousand naira as a birthday gift from me to me next year. I sincerely don’t know how that is going to happen as the highest money I’ve ever saved and for a short period of time is 30 thousand naira, but I know I can do this. I have to start somewhere, somehow too. Plus, I gifted myself four new books for this year’s birthday. So, next year has to be more. I still don’t know what I’ll do with the money just yet, but in time…

Also, I want my brand to be registered before I clock 25 and I have to put in the work too. I can start by securing a business name for now and moving on to more later on. I have to get a laptop and an iPhone still because I have a lot to do with those. Did I tell you I want to launch my book too on or before my 25th birthday? Okay, wait for it… Here’s a new one. I have fallen in love with wines and lots of wines and I want to use this one year window period to learn so much about different types of wines and what meals they go with. Plus, yes…I have already started stacking some just for the adventure. I want to buy and probably read about 10 books by then too. I want to start working on the procedures for my Master’s program too. Did somebody say 3 new wigs??? Yeah, you heard right…I want to get 3 of it. I want to own a perfume line in future and I need to start the process-of which I hope and wish above all things that this works out for me in the long run. I definitely want to get all the certifications, trainings and experiences I can lay my hands on for my career growth- so, that’s a goal too. How can I forget about finally doing something about my personal website? Yes, I want to get one up and running too because this whole personal branding movement is gon’ be lit mhan! Have I thought about selling courses? Yes and yes again…a lotta times too. I just might work something out. Plus, I want to have 2 online magazine publications on or before then.

Yeah, that is that as far as that is concerned about that. Next off is me and relationships. Hmmmmmm… It is well! So, a lot of people have been on my neck about my relationships, when I’ll get married and all. Answer is: I am not in a relationship because we are all not ready. We don’t want commitment, we are afraid of the storm outside and we’re just tired of trying. So, I rest my case because after thinking and trying to be in one I wanted to work out so badly, I have decided to call it quits on that. So, I’ll only focus on my career, health, money, God, relationships with everyone else, myself and how to do my best to impact my community, tribe and the world from my standpoint, making it an even better place. Let’s focus on other things for now.

So, while sitting on my desk this morning, i’m already projecting myself in 5 years because i’m a planner and this might just give me a little hope about the nearest future. In 2025, -that is 5 years away from today- I want to look back from then to keep track of my progress rate, know how far I’ve come, gone and whatever the word for having a checklist is. This is personal to me just in case you stumble on it, please know that I am a work in progress. In as much as I want to rule a line, dividing and stating the obvious in my life, I’ll simply state accordingly because I guess that should do.

First of all, I am 24, weighing 72kg, with 33 inches on my waist, sitting on an office desk as an intern in an INGO, confused about my career path and still researching on what could possibly work of which I think I’ve realized marketing will do just fine as a brand communication expert or a Public Relations Manager. I know I someday want to work in a media house, marketing and advertising agency or a tech space, but right now, I am a puzzle card and don’t know how to find my next pair. My contract here expires in September/October and whether or not I will be retained hasn’t still been communicated, but whatever the case is, I have to be prepared to either look for a new job or remain in this one.

Plus, I am single, worried about who my next boyfriend will be, trying out dating sites to no avail and simply building friendship while waiting for when my unknown husband will show up. Truth is, I don’t even need a relationship right now because my life is already a chaos and I don’t need extra drama. So, just for fun, i’m building friendships and playing around sites with people I might never meet- because I know myself well enough to not share personal details on these sites and to never ever schedule or agree to a physical meeting. Don’t be scared! I’ve got me.

Secondly, I am still on this desk, constantly looking at the time and wishing it would move faster from 10:53am to 03:00pm so I can finally pick up my bag, leave, buy roasted corn or groundnut on my way home, make some really hot custard with overflowing milk and eat it with bread, read Becoming by Michelle Obama and just sleep. I’d wake up tomorrow to work out with Rhema and have a driving practice-maybe and all would be just fine while I repeat my routine and await my allowance at the end of the month- which I’ll use everything to pay up the rent. How many kids will I have? I don’t know, but I’d always wanted four- 2 from each gender, but whatever God wills at the end of the day will prevail.

Next on the line, I have a few amazing friends- Peculiar who is in Pharmacy school and currently taking a baking class and taking orders as well while waiting for the pandemic to end; Geraldine who is studying a course she’s not interested in, but currently pursuing a career in modelling and making plans to start her wedding planning business; Beulah who is still off and on in Psychology and Law, but is so passionate about singing in different music bands; Blessing who was my course mate in school and working as a call center agent here in Abuja; Precious who was really close to me and whose relationship with me is shaky at the moment and a few others whom I want to talk about, but will only mention names- Jameel, Seun, Fluffy, UTG etcetera etcetera.

Need I mention about my career again or my fitness journey? Nope! I’d really love to talk about a few other things besides those. I started my personal IG page all over again- I just created a new one to start from scratch and do all I want to. It’ll be more about my lifestyle and one day, I just might become a brand influencer. What else? About my house, I almost walked through mud today to catch up with my ride, but thank God for the Holyspirit who is my most important guide before Google. For travel, I really want to travel, go home and visit friends and family to have a good time and explore the new places in the city or just go somewhere I have never been and isolate or socialize with the town, but Covid19 sha. I do know that things will definitely not be the same by next year or in 5 years.

Actually, at 24, I just want to chill, relax, live a little, explore, be myself, experience stuff and just let the wind and universe guide me, because I know my life is in God’s hands. Responsibilities, work, bills, my career, relationships and everything else will fall in place eventually. Right now, i’m just a piece of a puzzle casually trying to find my next piece or pair- maybe i’m even serious about the search unconsciously, but mhan…, i’m tired and I cannot come and kill myself.

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5 thoughts on “As I Turn 25…

  1. Biko don’t come and kill yourself…all your plans and aspirations will fall in place one after the other. You’re doing well at 24. Keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Many times I feel like I can’t kill myself but deep down I know that I have to kill myself to live tomorrow.

    If I must kill myself I must at least kill on my standard’s and not everyone’s

    I don’t know if you get my point?
    But at the same time you’re doing great and it’s nice to know you have all these plans, you write and even blog about it before you know it it’ll be a part of your subconscious and in no time it’ll be a reality.

    Cheers to 24!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Debbie,
      I hope you’re doing great?😊

      I totally understand your point because inasmuch as I can’t kill myself, I’ll eventually do so to be happy and have peace.

      Better still, do what you can and have a great weekend!🥂


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