Back To Square-One

Have you ever hated yourself for being the reason for your weight gain? How did you deal with it?

Most of us tend to feel better with a weight loss than a weight gain. We prefer being called skinny to fat. Whilst some others hate being so skinny or so fat, others have decided to console themselves or hide or maybe even relax under the self-love umbrella as they call themselves sleek, portable, thick and healthy. Well, I am not one to hide away and I am happy I always put in the work regardless of what the world around me says.

In February this year, I was so excited about starting my fitness journey and I must say, I felt so good losing weight- especially my tummy fat- that I ended up wearing clothes confidently and going to places where I naturally would have shied away from. That thing people say about self-confidence starts not just from how you see yourself and positively affirm your confidence each day, but it’s about how you look first. This is the reason why some people have decided to do liposuction, butt lift, skin whitening, eye cleansing, spend hours each week in the gym, this and that just to feel confident and my dear, confidence isn’t just a mind thing because if you don’t work on the outward to achieve what you really want; all the work you do on the inward might just come crashing one day and picking up from that broken point is just always a struggle- except the Lord be with you.

So, as I was saying, I had lost about 8kg between February and April, my waist size had reduced from 36 inches to 29 inches and I was so excited. Then, the lock down fully set in, mixed feelings, a little crawling depression, this and that, I woke up hungry each morning- of which I am normally not a breakfast person- and I stopped working out because I fell ill and couldn’t leave the comfort of my bed after the sickness. My entire hard work for three whole months crumbled just like that until the 28th day of June when I realized I had added extra 5kg and weighed 73.3kg and my waist size grew back to a 34. My clothes didn’t fit, my sister kept laughing at me and recently started encouraging me, but I learned early in life to be my own inspiration because in the first instance, she was the one who always called me fat and reminded me of my pot belly. She keeps talking and telling people about the time I stopped eating bread and started again and all- she is not just the person you want to be listening to because you’ll be depressed if God doesn’t help you.

I stared at the mirror and at myself in disgust for being so out of control, inconsistent and undisciplined that I let myself get so big I didn’t have work clothes anymore. On the 30th of June, I bought a waist trimmer that cost me a fortune and decided to get back to where I left off. I started doing my brisk long walks and go up the hill again, returned to my lunch and dinner or only one square meal plan, got foreign lemon which is much more expensive and most effective compared to the local lemon we have and sincerely, I want to lose 3kg and be on a 70kg scale by the 28th of July. I know I can do it because a determined me is always a force you can’t reckon with. Meanwhile, when I lose 3kg as planned, i’m gifting myself a new pair of sneakers as a reward. I still have a long way to go, but I have to be disciplined, consistent and hardworking to make this determination a reality. I’m back to square one… Have you added or lost weight during this pandemic? How have you ever dealt with a weight gain or weight loss? Regardless of what side you’re on, if you need to see results, you’ll need to put in the work.

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2 thoughts on “Back To Square-One

  1. This weight loss issue is a very serious one….over the years of trying hard to lose weight ….I learned a simple trick. Starving yourself doesn’t work at all. The best way to lose the weight is eating fruits and vegetables that curb our hunger cravings (fruits & vegetable like cucumber, celery, lemon, ginger, beetroot and mint leaves) these power ingredients tend to curb hunger cravings making us eat less and boost our fat burning metabolism and we end up loosing weight faster with less stress….I wish I knew this earlier.

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