Eyes On Me…

Have you ever had a feeling or thought that someday, your baggage will be opened and there’ll be so much dirt on you to cause a viral post, trend or scandal? You can never be too sure…

I went in happily, with so much joy, excitement and good news on my lips ready to be shared. Then, the bad news hit me. I felt like taking away the ink and tearing the sheets and starting afresh, but this time from an experienced déjà vu.

I felt like taking away every piece of paper, sheet, spreads and screens that had this news on it, but it was already duplicated in tons of hardcopy and masses of soft copy. This seemed like a ploy, one to castigate and keep stained traces, one I could have avoided, but couldn’t avert. It happened, it happened. The news is everywhere and I am the news in details. It’s not one that’ll be forgotten in a glimpse, but my happiness with this one is the fact that it was only a drop of water in the drum and I am safe this time, but next time, I have to tread with caution.

No matter what you do, please know that sooner or later, the news always comes out. Just live ready to be responsible for your actions because in a few months or years, there just might be an unveiling. Be careful out there… You’ve got eyes on you!

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