Kicking-off July

Today, I resumed work after about 4months of being home, away and in isolation due to the pandemic. I am more than excited about this new feat again because to be honest, I thought I wouldn’t have to resume anymore because my contract expires in 3 months and really, I was just on a fence. I thought about a whole lot- side hustles, trainings and just a whole lot. So, a lot of good things has happened in July already and this is just Day-8. This is a secret- my clothes don’t fit anymore and I have to work out real hard because I am just not ready to get new clothes.

First off, my friend Peculiar who had always wanted something to do and a total distraction for her life finally found something which ended up being three good things in a row- while she waits for pharmacy school to resume post-covid19. She is starting out a photography training, re-doing a cake baking training and interning as an OAP for the radio station in the University and I am so excited for her.

Next news in details… My immediate elder sister whom I stay with who didn’t have a steady job since September last year has finally gotten one with an NGO and I am so damn jumping over the fence with excitement for her. I am more than excited for her because now, we’ll both be leaving the house and coming back almost at the same time. Plus, that is more money coming into the house. It is super doper amazing because now, I can mark that as an X on my prayer request card. That is one prayer answered.

So, this morning, on my way to work, I used Bolt because I am a bolter and while on a phone call with my friend Peculiar, I did mention that since the language learning training and dance school wouldn’t work for me because of the expenses and distance, and that I’d try driving school which is something that’s been on my mind since last year. Driving has always been a goal for me and I am so excited to announce that I’ll be having my first driving class tomorrow and my Bolt driver just came in handy with a really suitable and juicy offer to teach me. I am super doper intrigued with all the goodness eh.

Finally, I am at work, the office looks almost empty because only a few essential staff were called in. Plus, some persons have been transferred including the one closest person I had to talk to and run to for help, advice and relief every time- my direct supervisor. I want to cry, but I can’t. He was a really good person to me. Yeah, he’s married- don’t even go there. He’s my friend as much as I know because e was the one person I could always and only rely on for help, advice and encouragement. Now, I’m like Jonah in the belly of a big fish in the Ocean. Who will take his place because his office was just right next to mine and that is two of my closest fans gone far away from me. I’ll survive…I always do because I am a survivor and as a thoroughbred, I’ve learnt to always stand alone at all times because you just never can tell when life will throw some peppers at you. This is me making pepper-soup with the peppers thrown at me at work.

Tell me, how are you doing, how have you been because me like this, July is a wonder double package for me. It’s time to write myAs I Turn 25’ post because I have 11 months to make magic happen before my next birthday.

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2 thoughts on “Kicking-off July

  1. Congratulations to our newest Action Aid staff… All the best on your driving lessons and all the best at work. Mind your business and all will be well. Las las you go dey alright….still on my way to Lagos. Traveling the north, south and west in a week😟😫

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