Wrap-Up June

Finally, it’s over!
The month of June started out for me in a not so good way and the only thing I was glad and excited about was for the gift of friendship. The first two weeks got me struggling with my mental, psychological, emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual health. I was sad, down, depressed sorta, very low on my energy and on rollercoasters I somehow created for myself.

There are names I can’t forget that made up my June… Geraldine, Peculiar, Beulah, Fluffy, Seun, Jameel, Utg, Sadé and loads of other people. I had the ugly, bad and good experiences in June – in that order. I am excited indeed for growth.

Sharing parts of me I hid away even from myself with others, being loved and appreciated by many I know and don’t have a personal relationship with, having the answers to my prayers, taking a nap from all the struggles and bad days in the world. June has been a lot of a lot.

I gifted myself a birthday gift of four books, I opened a Piggyvest account and set a birthday gift target of 100k for myself next year and I started saving in dollars too, besides the piggybank money itself. I am so excited about the level of joy and love I received on my birthday, it has been my best birthday so far and truly, this is the 5th birthday celebration I’ve had in my life, but it’s a 3rd to me.

Did I tell you how much cooking skills and fruit juicing skills I’ve learnt in the last 2 weeks of June from Emy’s Cuisine? Or have I told you how much laughter and joy and gist and experiences my sister, Sadé and I have shared too? Or about my side hustle which is in progress? Or how good God has been to me in the first half of the year 2020- regardless of the whole lockdown ish? God has been a premium ultra amazing Father, friend, lover, confidant, shield, supplier, director and life manager to me.

I’m glad and even more happy that June has finally come to an end for me because now, I have to make the most of the remaining half of the year. Yes, I have lots of things planned out and yeah, I still have goals I need to achieve by God’s grace.

So, I’m reading Becoming by Michelle Obama, I saw four web series- Phases, Adam’s Apples, Poisoned Bait and This is Life. They’ve been really interesting movies especially with Joselyn Dumas in the second.
I couldn’t write so much this month and though lots of things didn’t go according to plan to complete my bucket list- due to the pandemic too, I’m grateful for every other thing that was achieved and not achieved. How can I forget- I finally got my waist trainer from Getfit💃💃💃 cause it’s time to work it.
Plus, I drank, smoked and chilled a lot this June. I was out to Summerset- a place I fell in love with after Seun took me there and yes, I loved the Long Island Cocktail I had. I’m just grateful for all that happened in June. Plus, I still haven’t resumed at work yet- we don’t know when.

So, tell me, what was your June like?☺️

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10 thoughts on “Wrap-Up June

  1. My June has been awesome and eventful thanks to the Edukere sisters….in the end our bad days don’t last. Cheers to better ahead🥂. Love you baby G.O

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Deborah, I’m so glad that you are doing much better now. If you ever wanna talk or contact me personally, please feel free. Thank you for always reading and once again, I’m glad your June was awesome!🥂


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