Guess What?

“I found my soulmate… Don’t ask me who… It’s you!”

Some people say a soulmate is not someone who completes you, but to me; you fill up a part in my life that was void and in waiting.

They say a soulmate is someone who encourages you to be complete and for me; you’ve become my inspiration, my greatest pushing force and an invisible priority.

They say a soulmate understands and loves you despite any flaws because they don’t define you by those flaws. Yes, you’ve never been judgemental towards my thoughts and actions. Rather, you’ve always found a way to talk and joke about it.

Some people say a soulmate helps guide you to your true potential, your genuine self – because they recognize what an amazing person you are and that’s true, buh here’s what I can say too.

A soulmate isn’t male or female- it has no gender specification, no age limitations and guess what? It has no specific number. There is that one person who is your ride or die. There is also someone whom others feel is their soul mate and he or she ends up being a soulmate to more than one person. It’s not as easy and cliché as it always sounds. You can decide to go by the myths and all, but here’s a message to my soulmate…

Dear soulmate,

Thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you for always making me feel so safe with you and making me feel so warm in your embrace- even the virtual hugs…🙈 Most times, I wish you were here so I could hug you everytime we spoke and have those tiny fights plus the others that no matter how big they are; never last, but makes the heart grow fonder with the space.

You’ve added so much light, color and happiness into my life. With you I have peace. You touched my soul even before our eyes met for the first time. You make me feel more than good enough and whole. You understand me more than I know and that scares me because I tell you things I can’t even tell myself. With you I’m not afraid to be vulnerable because you’ll give me a shoulder to cry on, scold me at the same time and find me a solution still.

We have tried so many times to deny what we truly feel and what binds us together, but deep down, it feels so magical with you. With you, I feel at home and on an adventure at the same time. You keep me calm and drive my thoughts wild too. I wonder how you do it- to be god and a necessary evil. In this intense relationship with you, I’ve been at both extremes- love and hate, joy and pain…

We relate on terms and basis that a lot still do not understand and can’t describe- including us. Each time we try to go our separate ways, it’s either I’m the one doing the chasing or you are because we can’t bear to be apart.

Our relationship is so transformational and at midnight, I’d rather be up having conversations with you than listening to songs or forcing a sleep. Our ability to communicate abstractively and make it seem like our reality, is a cord of connection we share. With you I am myself without regrets. At my wildest and strongest… We are not afraid to be at our worst or best, express the way we feel knowing that we’re safe together.

The distance hasn’t kept us apart and the time difference hasn’t caused a tear- maybe only wishes. In a room full of people without you there, you’re the only one I still communicate with and how is that? I see you when I see a character…I hear your words echo when I hear a familiar sound and I think you’re in my head sometimes.

We don’t see eye to eye, but it feels as though we’ve been together each day and night. I want to express how you make me feel and how knowing you was never a coincidence…the timing was right, the meeting point was perfect and you’re one of the best things that’s happened to me- even if it’s only for a day or a year… I want forever. Thank you for being my soulmate and I’m glad we found each other. I’m not afraid of losing you because we’re stuck with each other and I love you!

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