New Beginnings

The first week of June was just not it until this morning. Yea, it’s Sunday…people went to church to pray, celebrate and all, but I worshipped alone because God showed me He was with me anywhere, anytime, anyday and even in my PJ.

Growing up, I always wished for a twin and I had so much hope that one day I would meet her. Yeah, people said I had a look alike, buh when I saw pictures, I knew they weren’t my reflection. I always felt like a double and so, everyday, I prayed for my twin…my other half…my double. Years later, I realized I was a Gemini and we’re dual personalities. Sometimes, the other two dominates and sometimes, the other one obeys. It took a lot for me to understand myself and discover a lot of truths and things about me. For 21 years, I let the other me win, rule and simply live. As I finally came out of my comfort zone, embraced my other half- when the truth set me free, I decided to live my life as a twin better than my other half. We’re just 3 years in it and sometimes, my double tries to show up again as the timid, scared, quiet girl who cried every single day for 365 days. I had wounds, scars, bruises, broken stories, dilapidated hopes and shattered dreams. Today, I thank God for those years.

So, as this week ends today, I’m grateful to God for truth, revelation, light, testimonies, trust, patience, peace, quiet, joy, and all the blessings and goodness that occurred in the first week of June 2020.

It may seem like nothing happened, only bad news, sadness and darkness filled the earth, but that darkness came to rob a lot of people of the blessings that the last days of May came with. This darkness came so a light can be seen and truths can be heard, revelations can be made, growth can occur and finally, there can be a reflection to a lot.

So, today, I am grateful for new beginnings and while we start the remaining days and weeks in June, let us retrace the blessings that came in disguise during the first week. Think about it again…what one thing are you grateful for from the first week of June?

Cheers to new beginnings…breathe and trust even when your patience fails you. 🥂

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