Sometimes when I keep exploring the horizons with my wings spread out, my eyes on the prize and my ears on the ground; I hope I truly find my hearts desire. The happiness I seek, the peace and joy, the love and trust and all my dreams.

Sometimes, I wish above all things that the little things that matter to me stay the same way, live and breathe and maybe not have to move or grow, but stay forever. That I truly find happiness the way my soul longs for and I can understand why I act the way I do and know what really goes on in my head sometimes- because the truth, reality and lies all stay jammed up, in search for a way out.

Sometimes, I want to know more about myself and why I crave for what I crave, why I speak in certain ways and have the passion and dreams I do. Yes, I hope too I can chase that passion, live those dreams, uncover the veils and pursue the stars with all I’ve got regardless of where it leads, while simply enjoying the wind.

Sometimes, I’m faced with doubt and fear, the troubles keep coming and I wonder if I can do what it takes to get the happiness I seek. I wonder if I do the right things now or if the lights will go off or on later. Yet, I wish for the courage, strength and zeal to do all I want to, with hopes that I can inspire me to be the best version of me.

Sometimes, I believe I am the light and all I want is to be that light in the tunnel illuminating my path till I get to the one at the end of the tunnel and maybe light it up even more. To fulfil my desires of curating a story that transcends from those past to my unborn and some I’ll never meet. A story that is sweet in the middle against all odds with happily ever after as an ending with a timeline and location.

Sometimes, I hope I can stand the viles in the wild, the storm and the sun, the depth and the dark, the height and the lights, the love and the lust and all that comes with standing still, staying strong or striving solo.

Sometimes, I believe I can show the world my potentials, make it a better place with my gifts, narrate my stories being highlighted as an exhibition of how well I’ve lived by chasing passion, finding love and living happy.

Sometimes, I’m just blank; all to myself, pausing to breathe, dancing in the rain, staring at the moon, lost in my thoughts and hearing my heart beat.

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