Wrap-Up May

How was May? For me, it started out on a not so good note and ended same way, but the weeks and days in-between made all the difference and gave me so much sense of purpose, fulfilment and joy. Here’s a sneak peek…

In May, my mental health did try me a lot and I eventually connected with a therapist from Kenya who checks up on me, advices me and all. Also, I tried working on my book which I completed actually, sent in the manuscript and tried a publishing deal which ended up not working out – you can imagine my frustration. I was able to reconnect with my very good friends and I’m happy it’s all worked out so well. I made a mini-course on personal development which people bought for free and the reviews were exciting.

More interestingly, I got featured on a blog post, launched my YouTube channel and published the 3rd edition of the Cocoa Series Magazine. These alone gave me so much joy plus two of my posts trended on LinkedIn for a while which made me so excited.

The bad part about my May was my decision to end a friendship with a guy I was in love with because it’s crazy passing through all that emotional stress and he isn’t ready for a relationship and so much more attached to it. He became so much to me and even if it hurts my heart, my soul will heal from it. So, I’m single and I really don’t know if I’m searching or not.

It’s still lockdown over here with lies and truth- we don’t know who to believe. I’m still home and not working for 3 months now. I’ve really been trying to get it together, but sometimes I don’t know.

Meanwhile, I saw a few interesting web series on YouTube- Boomerang, Shampaign and Tough Love. I craved so much for different meals which I ate and didn’t eat. I prayed more in May and really saw God do a couple of good things for me. May was an amazing month and I had lots of testimonies.

However, June 20th is my birthday and I’m excited I’m sharing this month with my Dad- June 25th and my eldest brother- June 30th. It’s really amazing buh good. So, what was May like for you? And I wish you an amazing and exciting June up ahead. #StaySafe

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