Skill Versatility

Yeah, what does that even mean? That’s why I’m here…read on!
What do you think about being versatile- especially when it’s career related? I think, versatility is a necessity. For instance, imagine a chef who doesn’t have photography skills- he or she might be really skillful and great at cooking and packaging, but sharing the meals to attract and build a customer base will require just more than cooking and sharing the pictures. Not just sharing pictures, but excellent pictures because people are attracted to what they see and your skills have to be captured in the images to keep your viewers and potential customers salivating from miles away. Do you know a photographer who is also great at modelling and probably a fashion designer too? Now, that’s what being versatile with your skills mean.

It gets disappointing when some photographers who are really great at their jobs do not have graphic designing skills to add, subtract, edit and package their pictures. I think every photographer should have basic graphic designing skills and that’s what leads to professionalism. Just like being a writer is a good thing, but adding content creation, storytelling and graphic designing to that portfolio can even make you a better writer whose work will always be looked out for.

Let’s get this right… I’m not disputing the fact that you can be great at doing one thing. No, that’s not what I mean, but I’m saying that you can be even better at doing what you’re so skilled and passionate about if you add a little spice to it by learning an extra relevant skill. You can do anything you put your mind to and although you may not be perfect at it, you can atleast try. By trying, you’ll know what works for you and what doesn’t.

Yes, you can be a jack of all trades and master of all. Be open to learning new things, do your research on other related industry game changers who do basically the same thing as you, but in a better way. I aspire to a really versatile woman in life and not just in my career, but all round. I speak English, French, a bit of German and a native language. I have plans of learning an extra foreign language too because it’ll not just make me stand out in my career as a communication expert, but help grow my network and be a great business tool in my future.

Did I also tell you I write, tell stories and create content? Well, I do that too. I am a social worker and work for organizations who are into child care, youth advocacy and women empowerment. Working with these organizations has helped me learn and grow a lot because I have future plans of starting my own organization someday and guess what? My photography classes have helped the pictures of my social work stand out and my storytelling, creative writing, content creation and graphic designing skills make my testimonials sell faster. At some point, I’ve had to speak both English and French to my contacts who needed clarification on a few matters. Now, that’s what skill versatility is about. You don’t have to learn too much, but just what’s important in your growth. So, what have you learnt from this?

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