Body Goals: Why The Rush?

What’s your take on body goals?

Personally, I admire a lot of clean, cute, cutting edge hunks and I can’t deny the fact that sometimes, I steal a glance, stare and say ‘hi’. Well, who wouldn’t? – Especially when a good scent is attached, a voice that sparks goosebumps and a body that keeps the mouth agape.

Men have leveled up on make up, outfit, general looks, voice, smell, accent and total lifestyle culture and though they may be in some sort of low key competition with women; both put in a lot of effort to live comfortable and attractive lives regardless.

It’s a new decade and fashion always makes the headlines. With music artistes, actors, actresses, media influencers, designers, surgeons, therapists, beauticians and basically every professional- whose career is linked to beauty and fashion are evolving, advancing, making life easier and dreams come true, more money is invested and wasted in creating and maintaining a lifestyle.

If you haven’t hit the gym lately, tried to get some abs, do a few work out routines to keep fit, purchased a waist cincher, gone to the spa, booked a make up/photography session, checked up skin and fitness tips or probably thought about doing that butt lift or breast lift surgery…then, you’re either a passerby, an island who loves comfort zones or just you. You may not care less about what goes on in the world or around you, but you should pay attention to what you really need.

Change your wardrobe, declutter, get some new clothes and gadgets, work on your looks, get a scent and spice up your life. It won’t only make you look good, but feel good and attract the right people to you. Your level of confidence and self-esteem is determined by first- how you look and then, how you feel.

This isn’t about you following trends, getting a lifestyle but about you loving your self, looking good, living confident and improving your mental health. You can’t feel left out when you’re already living it.

Body goals are easy and affordable  to make, maintain and achieve regardless of who you are and what you want to achieve. All you need is a positive mindset and the right attitude.

It’s worth the rush!

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