Loving Her…

Yes, I have a ‘thing’ for women. I have ladies in my life who give me excess joy, peace, attention, positive vibes and are a whole mood that’s unexplainable. As a woman, I do crave the attention of a man, his love and support a lotta times, but here’s the thing. Men are out there working on their looks, career, pockets and how to keep their ‘A-Game’ intact. They want to have fun, chill out, enjoy the warmth from several women or maybe one, talk and converse freely without having to make any commitments, take responsibilities or be accountable to no one.

Now, while this happens, the woman is out there crying on the shoulders of another woman who makes out time to hear her out, be there to care, love and support her, make her happy and spend quality time with her. She gets committed, responsible and becomes accountable for her woman. When this bond becomes unbreakable, a woman who is naturally a loving person and love thirsty, gets satisfied with the next woman who understands her feelings, is there to put a smile on her face, give her a shoulder to cry on and treat her as a queen that she is. Most times, there’s nothing sexual going on. Don’t misunderstand this.

I have ladies who have been there through every single wear and tear, pain and peace, sadness and laughter, highs and lows… So, whenever I have a chance to spend a day out with her, an hour on a phone call with her, share a glass of wine with her and kiss her goodnight, it’s because she’s my most treasured Jewel and I’d never trade anything for that bond to be taken for granted.

Loving her can be a complication in a complicated world, but she’s healthy for me and yes, I have ‘a thing’ for her that nothing can take away…not even a man.

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2 thoughts on “Loving Her…

  1. You feel my spirit with the warmth of your soothing words, your ever supportive shoulders and ears that are not tired out from listening to my daily struggles, successes, pain, relief, failure and joys.
    You are always there, you are a force to reckon with.
    In a different layout of things, you’ll be my one and only.
    I have a thing for women too, I have a thing for you ..


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