Stretched Into Capacity

Have you ever felt stretched into capacity all of a sudden that you just have to try making out time to take it all in…breathe in and exhale?

So, lately, I’ve felt so stretched into capacity so much that I’m excited I’m making progress, growing, learning, getting exposed and all, but sometimes I feel like I’ll just explode or crash. When I get this stretched each time, my creativity comes upon me and I feel like doing everything all at once and my adrenaline rush at this point can get me drafting out a building project, surveying, laying the foundation, building and getting the building up and running for business in only 2weeks before I can either rest or move on to the next phase. Yes, that good and bad too!

Recently, I started this Cocoa Series monthly magazine where I get to feature two amazing ladies whose lifestyle I admire and this is my 3rd month at it so far. Basically, the magazine has been in form of Instagram posts and people have kept on asking for copies- that I don’t have. So, I thought about it and decided to make a hardcopy magazine and an ezine copy too for people who got featured and well a few samples for the future. How? I’ll compile stories of the 12 ladies that have been featured in 6months and add up some extra content and hand it to them. On a second thought, I want to do a project for the girl child in the near future so, I might as well need these magazines to give them as gifts and souvenirs later in the future and that’s something too yea. It won’t be free copies besides for those who have been featured and well, the girl child too.

Equally, I’ve had my personal life stories and experiences being shared on IG on my page @cocoaseries and people have been engaging and I’ve thought about transforming those stories into animation… Like a cartoon for kids or some motion animation- anime… It’ll help the girl child too and I’m excited about it.

I started out this page on IG too to promote African local content through storytelling and inputs have been made and stories shared and I have 14 followers in barely a week and I’m pretty excited about it because it’s the start of something new. And I want to translate those stories into animations that can be watched for entertainment, education and seen as a means to empower people too.

The Multichoice Talent Factory batch of 2020/2021 will be open for application and I’m super excited about it. It’s going to be my second time applying and I really want to go into film school and practice the art and business of storytelling. Besides that, I’ve had lots of script writing ideas in my head and I’ve written them out and currently working on two with a friend I met on IG – Fluffy. He’s been a great help and he’s a professional script writer too and the goal is to have my short film and full movie ready at most by next year- December or January probably and I’m super excited, but if the MTF thing doesn’t work out, I have another plan.

Presently, my internship with the NGO where I work will expire in October and after that, I’ll love to work in a PR Firm or Marketing and Ads agency. It might be here in Abuja or Lagos, but honestly, I want to relocate to a French speaking country here in Africa where I can make money from both my French and English. Probably start my life afresh and work constantly towards achieving my life goals.

Here, you’ve heard all about me. This is why I say I’m stretched into capacity because most of the things I do today and even think about, I never thought I could do them. Yes, I had plans, but they were only minors and really, I’m excited about this journey so far even if it’s been exhausting sometimes.

I want to get an iPhone where I can start producing my own video content for my YouTube channel and I want to get a laptop too so I can have a lot more to be done easily.

Tell me, what do you think about my life, plans…and have you ever felt stretched into capacity?

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