About My Relationship…

More often than not, I’ve been asked who or what my type of guy is or should be like and most times, I just say: ‘I need someone who is true to himself and me. Someone who is original and abso-fucking-lutely open to communicate everything and anything with me because I love honesty…’ I’m writing this and listening to ‘Challenge by Lolo Zouai’ on SoundCloud so I can pour it out just well enough.

I like a guy who first of all knows he is a guy and my guy. He knows he’s mine- meaning, he’s taken. Would I entertain an open relationship? Question is, would he entertain an open relationship if I brought it up? I’m not trying to create a picture perfect here because I know there’ll be times when the pieces are scattered and probably missing and we’ll have to find them. So, I’ll be 💯% honest here.

First of all, I like a guy who has a personal relationship with God and he can go to worship places or not, but he should have a personal relationship and communion with his Father, maker, Creator and the only one who knows him in and out. Do I care about his religion? I’m a Christian and I have Muslim friends- been with one too so, I understand when he communicates and makes me understand only. Yes, I ask a lotta questions too cause I need details.

Secondly, I don’t and won’t have a problem with a guy who is more successful than I am or who I am more successful than. Yea, I might be more successful, buh he’ll have something he’s bringing to the table and I’ll keep pushing him beyond his limits for success. An entrepreneur or working under someone?… Both I’ll say- because he can have a normal job and a side job too or anyone that works for him. I don’t mind- as long as he’s passionate about his job, successful at it and keeping up with his responsibilities.

No.3, I won’t lie here- I’m still trying to get a hold on my finances and be intelligent about it because I can be an impulsive buyer most times, buh I’ve been working on it and really, I’m starting an investment plan for myself this month. So, he really has to be more financially responsible than I am. Will I let him know how much I earn and have a run down on my financial statement? I think the right question is- can I hide anything from him? If I have to, I’ll keep a secret, buh if he’s honest with me and shows me proof about his, why would I lie about mine? Will I want to run a joint account later? Yes and No. I’ll still have a side account to myself in case I need to sort out my family, personal stuff and give to charity.

Four- What’s my take on sexuality? So, I don’t know who my boyfriend or husband will be nor do I know what his sexuality is gonna be like, buh I believe in communication and honesty and yes…trust. I don’t care about his previous body counts, buh I care about his experiences and stories cause I wanna learn from them and I’m definitely not comparing myself to any of his exes even if she were hotter, sexier or anything more. Well, she’s not in the picture anymore. If we communicate, we can learn from each other, explore, know our boundaries and understand ourselves and bodies better. Should he ask about my past and will I tell him? Yes, if he wants to know and promises not to be judgemental.

This is a long post and I’m sorry, but it’s best for me because whenever I’m asked what my type of guy should be like, I think I’ll just simply share this blog post and we discuss it rather than me having to go through all this talk again. So, we continue…☺️

Additionally, I love family and all, but we’ll have a problem when and if his family tries to come run our lives for us. No way… If he’s from a wealthy or not family, I don’t care. If I’m from a wealthy or not family, that’s my problem, because he met me first and not my family. If we eventually end up together and have to take up extra responsibilities, we’ll get through that buh we’re putting ‘US’ first. He can have male and female friends, but he should only do what he’ll be comfortable with if tables were turned.

I have lots of interests and he will definitely have interests too and sometimes, we may not like what the other person likes and that’s normal. Eventually, we’ll get to compromise, adjust and just accept ourselves the way we are.

Hell no! There’s no way a guy will raise a finger on me day one and I’ll forgive and just shove it under the carpet. The day he tries it will be the last day we communicate and I don’t care whatever influence he was under.

If he cheats, wants to have a fling, sleep out or whatever, I’d prefer to know about it than not know about it. For instance, he should let me know who’s sleeping with him or who he’s sleeping with… When and why too. When? So, I’ll know what time and date he’s taken…if we need to make reference to anything. Why? So, I’ll know if it’s because of me or him and know if he liked anything she did or didn’t do. And yes, he should be prepared to give me the news or details or watch me take a break to cheat too and give him the details or better still, communicate what he wants, why, when, where and how to me and we’ll see if we can work something out out. Am I saying too much? Well, I’m just saying my mind.

This is a long list of things and well, when we get to discuss and communicate more, understand each other better, we’ll know what to compromise, work on or just let go. Whichever way, here’s a sneak peek into my type of guy. What would you like in your partner?

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