In My Element…

If you ever find me in my element, know you’ve earned an apartment in my heart and gotten a hold of my life. What do you think happens there?

In my element, I am at peace. The clouds aren’t forming, the rains ain’t coming, the heart’s not racing, the leg’s ain’t pacing… Just a quiet place of solitude.

This is a place where I let my thoughts run really wild and permit my imaginations to explore in all forms of creativity. This is a place where my doors are shut on the outside, but flung open on the inside and yet I keep going into the out. This is a place where the world falls at my feet and anoints them with soothing scenting lotions… While you use the oil, I use the lotion cause it’s mild and I don’t like to trip. This is a place where you can’t get to me except you can, but I can get to you, get at you and get something for you…

My element summons angels at my call and let’s Kings fall for my words… My element makes me the best only with a 5 seconds pitch… My element is where I let the smokes puff and form shapes in sizes… My element is a place I want you to share, but you have to earn it… My element will get you thinking and make you tranquil too…

What’s your element? What goes on when you’re there?

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