Wrap-Up April

We all started the month of April sitting far away from the world; just staring and listening. It’s finally come to an end and in one way or the other, we’re still isolated away from the physical world while we try adopting and adapting to living in a virtual world and only viewing from a distance.

The first week and few days into the second week of April were really productive and playful days for me. I got to do a lot, achieve feats in my little milestones and connect with even more people. I’m excited too because though the two weeks in between didn’t go so well, I still learnt a lot from it and lived a little. This last week of April however, has been one of my best week’s this year so far.

In the middle week, I had to battle with so much self- doubt, an unstable mental health that just made me zoom myself out of the world, rethinking my purpose on Earth and trying to find my why, knowing who is friend, who genuinely cares and who doesn’t, having reflections and trying to handle the ‘so much work to do’ pressure in my head. At some point, I realized I needed to know when to pause, stop and relax from even my own thoughts about me.

This last week in April, I’ve gotten to realize even a lot more about me, life, things, people and I’ve accepted and let go of some. It’s best to have a catch and release time; it’s good to have confessions and just trace the roots, cry about it and make efforts to live again with a fresh start.

Here’s the deal… This month, I made the second edition of the cocoaseries magazine on IG… You can still follow me there @cocoaseries… Here’s an image…

I also got featured on an IG blog post @forcreativegirls which was really cool for me. I connected with new people and even took up a personal project to write my book- personal experiences with lessons. I was able to draw a thin line for myself between friendship and relationship and that’s not been easy, but required. I wasn’t able to pay everything for my rent, but I’ve done a bit. I’ll get my laptop form work on Saturday because my Supervisor said he’d be at the office and could get it for me. I decided to take care off my skin that’s been having lots of irritations recently. I discovered that I’m lactose intolerant and that hurts cause I love milk a lot.

April has really been more of a discovery channel month for me and I’m grateful for each day. It’s time to step into May with a lot of goodness and fresh starts. Meanwhile, I saw a new web series- Gidi Up and it was really cool. I read the ‘The Art of Seduction’ by Robert Greene and had a swell amazing time drinking rose wine and seeing lots of Jason Statham’s collections… How was your April?

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