Regaining Sanity

April may not be the way we all planned it out to be and most of us may have had some really down days one way or the other. It’s possible we’ve lost our energy vibe and ability to remain sane with all the happenings around, but you’re not alone. Some days I feel like my energy level is high up the sky, but other times I feel it drops down to the bottom of the cliff and in both times one thing connects both places and energy together- which is ‘Why?’

Asking yourself why your energy level is high up and why your energy level is beneath your feet is the one thing that keeps pushing us further regardless of how we feel. Why am I happy? Why am I this excited? Why is everything working out so well? Why is it happening this way? Why am I sad? Why am I feeling so drained? Why is it happening this way? Now, you observe that in both situations and levels, you constantly ask: ‘why is it happening this way?’ There is a reason behind every action, every situation and every emotion. I want you to know that it is impossible to feel high all the time as it is impossible to scrap out the bad days and low momens.

For some the time now, my energy level has been high up the sky and I feel I could touch it and sometimes I want to put it up in a container and have a reserve for my down times but I can’t reach it because downtimes are inevitable. You may have 98 good days, 1 bad day and 1 in different day- where you’re neither feeling high or low, good or bad, and the constant is the question ‘why?’.

This is one of my down moments and I’ve asked a lot of ‘why’s?; in a bid to know more and guide myself to the truth. However, I have gotten no responses from neither myself nor the universe and my mental health is suffering from an imbalance. So, in a bid to regain my sanity, there are things I want to set myself aside to do. Things like getting more organised, reducing social media time, going entirely of the news grid, more time with nature, exercising more, sleeping even more, practicing gratitude, adopting a declutter lifestyle- from my messages, my contacts, my subscriptions, my applications, my mails, gallery, my social media following, to starting a proper self care routine, connecting more with loved ones, developing a gratitude culture, writing more, staying hydrated, and doing everything and anything to regain my sanity.

Your routine might be taking a 30mins walk everyday; for some other person, it might be constantly seeing lots of movies; whilst to some others, it might be writing how they feel everyday. What works for others, might not work for you, but for the next person. So, you need to write a list of what works for you and the new things you want to try and stick to it.

From tomorrow, I’ll be on a two weeks journey to regain my sanity. Feel free to reach out or join me on a journey to regain some sanity. In this period, our mental health needs all the care, attention and help it can get. So, how is your mental health?

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