I Am Not Locked Down!

Are you really locked down? I may be in a lock down, but I am definitely not locked down.

Ever since the lockdown began, I have discovered quite a couple of things about me. From studying my true personality, knowing my tastes and preferences, analyzing my plans purpose, knowing what God and the universe has in store for me, to knowing what to do and what not to do to make my dreams a reality.

It’s been 4 weeks and I don’t regret a day of it. It’s been a quiet, peaceful, calm, self-absorbing, adventurous, magnifying, blissful and an amazing experience.

The lockdown has given me an opportunity to rediscover myself, connect with more people take out time to do some re-evaluation, organise my life and set up new goals with strategies to achieve every one of them.

Daily, I am excited because I know everyday is a gift with sparks of creativity, innovation, new opportunities and new collaborations. Each day when I wake, I look forward to doing a couple of things which I can celebrate at the end of the lockdown. I have had ample time to do a lot of things like working out daily, eating healthy, relaxing and sleeping more, getting creative with my posts especially on Instagram- follow me @cocoaseries, connecting with diverse people, taking care of my skin, enhancing my spiritual growth, increasing my knowledge bank, and doing everything that gives me peace, joy, calm, gets my adrenaline pumping and gives me a sense of fulfilment each day. I got to celebrate my elder sisters birthdays, cut my hair, took my body goals more seriously, grew quite a number of followers, read a book, seen lots of movies and just explored a couple of things.

Truly, the lockdown was meant to be a time and an opportunity for me to take up online courses, get certifications, write my book- which I’ve been working on, put on my spiritual armour, get more active on LinkedIn and just do everything that would make me productive. On the contrary, I’ve been more playful than productive and this is a good thing, because it’s made me realise how much of a creative, disciplined, determined and dedicated person, hard-working, faithful, caring, attentive and skillful person and even how much of a self- neglecting person I have been. I have been more creative in the span of three weeks than I have been in more than 12 months. I have even educated myself more by spending hours on social media -precisely Instagram- to learn a lot from people in my industry.

After the lockdown, I may not come out with certifications, new CV boosters to show for myself, but I will be coming out with more energy, courage, discipline, determination, creativity, innovation, passion that fuels from the inside, dedication to the betterment and growth of my personal lifestyle and career- which has been an inspiration to many, and most importantly, a community, tribe, family, friends, network and partners to show how much of a playfully productive person I have been during the lockdown. It’s been 1month so far… 14 more days to go…

What stories will you share after the lockdown?

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