Truth / Revelation

Soooo, I’m not perfect! But, what if the past knocks on the door and my present is the man standing there to welcome him unknowingly? What if they’ve known each other before now and what if my beans spills? If you were in this shoes, would you tell the truth about your past to your present even if your past has shown up impromptu and unannounced already? Honestly, I can try to try to tell the truth after a revelation or I could tell the truth regardless, but you see truth, it is heavy, bitter, sour and just not something to taste especially if you’re in a tight corner and terrible situation at the time. But, well, we do a lot of shitty things that can be swept underneath the carpet. However, some stick to us, with us, on us and keep showing up at unwarranted, unexpected and unnecessary hours.

Will you hide that dirty little secret that happened in your past from your present partner? Will you spill it no matter how it sounds, looks… regardless of the outcome/ result? Till then, I’m mute!

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