Past Vs Present

Guys, y’all know i’m not a saint and yea, I used to body shame myself a lot until I started losing some pounds and well, in between my very good and very bad days, I’ve had to flirt sometime, give in to getting spoilt and well, had a great time or do I say made out with some really hot dudes. This isn’t me pouring myself and my story out there or trying to start a scandal, but it’s the truth and well, sometimes, I get scared, like really really pretty scared.

Here’s the thing, I fear that someday, a night stand might show up in my serious relationship moment or he might be a friend to my boyfriend, fiancé, husband or maybe someone whose toes I’ve stepped on and just decides to spill my gist without remorse. Guuuuuyyyssss,,,, afraid catches me every now and then and though I try to be really careful that this person doesn’t know who I know or just simply enjoy the moment, this world is a very small place. In fact, you see my home town eh, or my present location, or social media, it’s a totally crazy and connected world where everybody knows everybody or better still, somebody knows somebody who knows somebody who knows you. But, we gotta live it a day at a time. That’s how I met a guy on Twitter who turned out to be great company online and eventually followed someone else whom I later found out was not only connected or related to the other guy, but were both brothers. I backed out from both, kept tabs once in a while on the first I connected with- without any further intentions, but the other came knocking and today, we’re besties. I had to tell the first I liked his brother, just to keep matters simple and straight with no dramas or scandals. Meeeehhhnn… It’s a crazy world!

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