Permit me to share a secret with you about me. In the past decades, I chose to invest a lot in others, emotionally, physically, psychologically, mentally, materially, financially, spiritually and every possible -ally way you can think of. I robbed myself of a lot of happiness, peace, liabilities and assets altogether because I just wanted those around me to be happy and I kept pleasing others while displeasing myself. It helped me learn a whole lot about me no doubt, it helped me grow, learn my lessons, right my wrongs and most importantly, helped me understand and know a lot more about others and humans generally. Over time, truth set in and realization paved a way with new mindsets, thoughts, plans and a total rebrand on personalization, limitations, boundaries, investments etc. and I’m so happy, excited and totally fulfilled the chips are down and it’s a rebrand for me and those around me.

Practically, I had to do some analysis, make plans, change, adjust, readjust, adapt and yes, -I’ll repeat the word a million times- REBRAND! This has given me an opportunity to invest in myself, my relationships, network, assets, liabilities, career, social life, professional life, spiritual life, my relationship with God and just so much more. Besides all the materialism and knowledge bank, relationships and network is key because your network is what defines your network. It may not be visible now, but give it time and the people you follow, network with, discuss with and all tend to influence your decisions, actions and before you know it, you’re a total package. So, invest a lot in your self because you need it to ace your game.

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