Take A Nap!

If you can remember, two days ago, I was down emotionally, mentally, physically and I didn’t know what to do, who to talk to and my stress levels were high. I couldn’t take it anymore cause I felt like I was going to erupt like a volcano. I took an excuse off work, contacted a health agency for a therapist- which didn’t get back to me until yesterday and I left the office. I did a few health checks and proceeded to see a friend who took me to his office which had a nap room.

On my arrival, all I wanted to do was take off my shoes, cry, pour out my heart to him, but that wasn’t it. I just cried, washed my face, laid down and rested as much as I could. We ended up discussing about his work, I drank water, took a nap and after 3 hours away from all work and no play, I was relieved. I didn’t talk about me as I thought I needed someone to talk to, but at that point, I realized all I needed was a nap in an environment far from home, in a neutral environment and just rest a while. I felt good when I was up and all my issues at that point simply melted like wax. I stood up when I thought I had enough already, got home and even met a stranger on the way who offered me a ride, had an amazing conversation with me and well, my day was made.

It’s amazing how something as insignificant as a nap can make all the difference in anyone’s life. To think that my mood, emotions and problems dissolved all because I took a nap makes it even more desirable to always long for a nap time. You should rest some time. You need a nap when all’s not going according to plan. Even if you’re not sleeping, just lie on your back and exhale. It sure goes a long way.

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