Launch Out!

This year, I’m still working with my themes: ‘Personalize Your Life & Increase Your Social Standing’ and that has helped me analyze, realize and accomplish a lot in just two months. Today is the 6th day of March and so far, it’s been an amazing, inspiring, fulfilling and exclusive year with my focus centered on personalizing my life and increasing my social standing.

To launch myself out, I had to sweep through my social media profiles and restructure my feed, profile, brand and absolutely personalize my life deliberately. Next, I decided to increase my social standing by showcasing, putting myself out there and launching out everything about my personality and brand. I started with posting on Facebook, Tweeting and growing a network there, blogging here, starting my online magazine on Ig @cocoaseries, working on my LinkedIn for professional advancement and connection and next will be my YouTube series which is still loading. All because I launched out and made myself available to opportunities.

You should develop yourself, build your capacity, grow a network, stand for something and launch out finally. You can’t be on the waiting list, incubating to come out soon all the time. You need to finally put those skills, to work, share that knowledge, intentionally launch out and showcase what you’ve got to offer, so people will buy. It’s my time to launch out and I’m doing this with every energy, vibe and way I can. When will you launch out?

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