Weekend Vs Weekday

I’m not sure there’s anyone who loves weekends as much as I do and every time, I wish there could be an extension like a public holiday or something. My Friday’s are always short sometimes and longer other times. Saturday’s are work out, crash at home and just do me days. You see Sunday, that’s the day for Church, laundry and sometimes outing day. My weekend activities are never planned and sometimes, it just goes from a solo do-my-own-thing one to a hang out, make noise, tour and vibe up weekend. Whichever pulls up, I’m game.

This weekend, I had a great time, laughed out so damn loud on Friday after filling my stomach with well seasoned and tasty goat meat pepper soup, watched short films- Assistant Madams featuring my favs- Osas and Sophie Alakija. Saturday, I woke up so damn late, went for work out, but this time with someone else and we did the routines he proposed for my glutes and spine. Honestly, I still feel the pain on my thighs madly and well, that’s some anti-fragile thingy going on with me. I made my hair, a pretty long and cute one, slept home alone and started another short film series- The Men’s Club and it’s opened my eyes to a whole lotta things and I love it truly- you should see it too and thank me later. My Sunday which was March 1st, started me out in Church, thanking, praising and worshipping God for all of His goodness in my life. Then, it was my cousin’s birthday, so, I visited and my sis had already made meeeaaaaalllsss which I couldn’t eat so much because I had a diet thing going on. I had fun, ate, danced, gisted, watched TMC, the match between Real Madrid and Barcelona- that was totally dope especially the last minute unexpected goal by Mariano because the keeper didn’t guard his rear and the expression on Messi’s face was just too pitiable and funny. He was down casted- trust me. Always ending my day with Zaddy and I talking or chatting always relieves and makes me long for the end of the next day.

Today’s Monday, the start of a new week, a new month with new goals, plans and achievements to embrace. So, my weekend’s over and my weekday has just begun. I really wanna repeat my weekend, but in the meantime, I’m stuck with my weekday. How was your weekend?

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