Put Yourself Together First!

Here’s the thing, I’m the active and vibrant one because I try as much as I can to keep my emotions in check and always wear a smile, emit a positive energy, have good vibes, always have gist and be the life of the party, but if around people, I notice one atom of bad energy, mood swing and attitude towards me, I fold from you and it’ll take a lot of me coming around to be able to wear a smile that will influence yours and i’ll go mute because I have less fucks to throw around and if you feel that you can put up an attitude towards me, go mute on me and come back the next minute after all the chips have gone down and the blinkards have fallen, to talk to me and get me smiling with you with all the vibes again, picking it up from where you think you left if before, then, you’ve failed. You can’t just put me off and on the way you want it.

Remember I told you about my supervisor who went mute on me because I didn’t make a few posts on his personal IG business page because I explained to him I was down at that point, having severe headaches and I couldn’t think or try to be creative enough to create content, but I would cover up for the ones I didn’t, and he still put up an attitude, went mute on me and has kept it going for 2 weeks now. Well, I’ve survived and I’m still doing me because, at the end of the day, I still made the posts for him and I’ll still more of it regardless because I definitely want his business to grow and he’s been a good person to me before now. So, even if he wakes up one morning and decides to stop answering my good morning too, I don’t give a fuck about his attitude, but I give a fuck about my peace.

Now, my immediate elder sister whom I stay with is one person is one person who always switches character, swings moods, puts up a lotta attitude and goes mute a whole lot, but I’ve been trying to put up with it because she’s my elder sister and I’m under her roof, so, the respect has gotta be there and I do overlook sh*t a lot and just try to be myself, but i’m tired of putting up with her having an attitude, going mute, reporting me to people and snapping out of it the next couple of days, thinking I could just wake up from being hibernated while she went on break and have me all charged up, with the positive vibes flowing and the gist all coming, but when she notices i don’t reciprocate or i’m mute, she finally decides to ask what is the problem i.e if she asks sometimes. Naaaa, i’m human and i’ve got emotions too. You can’t just switch me off and on when you want to and you can’t have all your cake and eat it cause some will fall away, get stuck it the plate and washed away.

I have a friend who whenever she’s having a mood swing, informs me that it’s come again and she might need some space or tells me she’s just down so I can understand when she’s not high, but low and simply act accordingly. It saves us both the stress, the friendship and gives us a reason to either talk about it when the mood’s all gone or not. You don’t just snap out on people and expect them to be there when you’re all charged up again. Emotional intelligence will help you deal with people, understand them, build networks and maintain long lasting relationships. You should understand your emotions and that of others, know how to manage yours so it doesn’t affect the next person, communicate it and know how to manage what’s been communicated to you too, know how to use your emotions and you should be able to perceive when you’re giving people attitudes and how they’re responding to it. That is why communication matters. My sister would have just done what my friend did, or better still, apologized for her actions in the past week, rather than try to turn the tables around to make me look like the bad person. For my supervisor, I had communicated the way I felt with him and tried to share my thoughts with him and tell him why I felt so jaded, but he wasn’t sensitive enough to perceive it. I even asked for suggestions about taking a day off or two, but he never took it serious and just kept pushing it aside and that hurt a whole lot, but I overlooked it and kept doing my best until he woke up one day and decided he woud put up an attitude towards me and that is totally fine. Learn to put yourself together first, before judging others and creating a toxic environment for them.

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