It’s Not Your Fault!

Have you ever sat back to wonder probably if this or that happened this way or that way, things would be different? Or maybe if you had this or didn’t have that, it might change your situation? How about the people in your life- if you had this person or was close to that person or not this one or that, your narrative would change? And if you did this or didn’t do that, things wouldn’t have been the way it is now? Or… do you beat up yourself?

First of all, it’s not always your fault that things don’t go as planned or envisioned or wanted. Some things are our faults and we’re responsible for them, but some others are not our faults and we are either responsible for them or not. I remember a time when I hated my nationality, family, background, the things and happenings around me and even hated myself and God for putting me where I was and with the people I was with. I felt incapacitated, disadvantaged and irrelevant, and had a lot of negative energy around me. I wanted what my friends and other people had, I wanted to be seen this way and that way, but naaa…it was far from it.

“To whom much is given, much is expected.”

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

“With great responsibility comes great power.”

Did you know all these? Have you ever meditated on them too?

Some things that happen to us and situations we find ourselves are not our faults nor that of those around us, but we have a responsibility to interpret the situation, change the narrative and be a reference point. Stop wishing for this and that, stop hoping this or that will change, stop blaming yourself and others for that issue, challenge, setback or situation. Get up, think of a destination, make your boat, equip yourself and set sail to write for yourself a story to be referenced and retold. It’s not how you interpret it, but how you solve it that matters. It’s not always your fault too. However, whether it’s your fault or not, it’s your responsibility. So, what will you do?

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