Wrap-Up February

With all the long days and really short nights, the month of February has come to a close. This month, a lot of great things happened which taught me so much about increasing my social standing, personalizing my life, setting boundaries and limitations, giving people the gift of goodbye, being open minded, loving minimalism and embracing everything that comes with growth.

This month, I was really intentional about a lot of things- starting with myself, my health, knowledge and skill bank, branding, happiness, finances, relationships and so much more. First, I had a ‘Fitness February’ goal which got me working out every weekend, doing my runs, hikes, walks and my 6/7 days diet routine. My waist length in the first week was 34inches and I had a goal to get to 30inches, but, today, I measured and got 31inches. That’s some good news. By next month end, I should be hitting 27 inches. I’m so excited about this and I feel really good. I got my butt massage, practiced my twerks, worked on my waist flexibility, took care of my hair, nails and I need to visit the dentist.

On a personal brand walk, I got intentional about my social media accounts, profile, network, feed and connection. On LinkedIn, I worked on my headline, network, feed and starting making daily posts- which has been helping a lot. On IG, I took out some pictures, although I’ll still rework on it because I want to use my IG account for my new e-zine blog which is named after me, with the intention to personalize my life and increase my social standing. On Twitter, I added over 200 new followers because I got active for 2 weeks- so, imagine me being active for 2 months. On Facebook, I got new followers, friends and I put out more engagement because that is where my social media journey began and it’s time to pick it up and ace it. On WordPress- which has my blog, it’s been going well and today, I got notified that I’ve made 50 posts already. Wow! That’s way impressive and remembering how I started, thinking of what to write and having no followers at all… it’s been an amazing journey.

Just before I wrap-up February, I have my custom made newsletters ready for scrambled story and the e-zine. I have content ready for the e-zine which will be launched in March and I’m still editing content for the YouTube channel which will be launched in April. This is totally a lot for me and I’m so excited about it. I achieved my goals, shifted some for another time and yea, it’s been a wonderful month. What did you achieve this month?

My movies for the month were: Frozen 2 and The Hustlers. I loved it, loved it and loved these two again.

My self love gift for February… detox! diet! fitness!

I think I’m in love with someone. I don’t know just yet because I haven’t been in love with the opposite sex in a long while and I dunno. But, I really like him. He makes me smile and laugh a lot, makes me peaceful and yea, we attack each other a whole lot, but I still think about my ex… I danced a lot in February, expressed myself a lot and defined my friendship and relationships with a lotta people too. What was your February like?

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