What Are Your Values?

“Our values determine the metrics by which we measure ourselves and everyone else.”

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck – Mark Manson

Normally, I tend to see others the way I see myself. I measure and analyze them based on the yardstick I use for myself and yeah, I cut people lots of slacks too, but I have values that guide me of which I believe everyone must have some. What principles guide you? What are your core values in life, your career, relationships etc?.

Personally, I have values that are my majors because it cuts across different areas of my life and I’ll try to pick a few out to explain in details. Creativity, innovation, happiness, peace, passion, pro-activeness, excellence, discipline, determination, diligence, and growth are my core values. I find it difficult to work or associate with people who are mediocre, routine settlers and average minded people who are not passionate, creative, innovative and do not need, seek or accept change or growth. It simply drains me to be around such people because I can try to put you up to date with things and events you need to be aware of, but if they’re not motivated to see a need to step up their game and not settle, then, I can’t push too much. You can’t be babysitted all year and the entire decade.

Values are what motivate people to act. Values make us see a man or woman and tag them successful, because what we measure success as , differs. To one person, a successful person might be someone who has a good and paying job, an asset or none, a family and can take care of his or herself and someone else. To someone else, a successful person is a hundrednaire and has hundreds of thousands in the account and to yet another person, success can be measured by simply being a car owner. I have my values and these things drive me. They motivate me and they’re the reason why I do what I do, act the way I act and follow the people I do.

My values are what will make me successful or not. If it makes me happy and gives me peace, I take it, do it, venture into it. Sometimes, my happiness and peace does elude me when i’m uncertain, venturing into a new project, when i’m exhausted, but I look at the big picture and I see growth, creativity, innovation and excellence staring at me. So, whether or not i’m successful with a project, i’m rest assured I was creative, innovative and I did something new and challenging- which is where growth comes in.

Don’t forget that values change as you grow and evolve in different situations and events around you. So, what are your priorities? what influences your decision making? What are your values?

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