Behind The Scenes

I love everything that cooks up behind the scenes of stories, movies, books, conferences and successful projects or events. Personally, I love spending 90% of my life behind the scene and just appearing to take a snapshot, attend a meeting, educate, empower or entertain, get interviewed and most importantly, receive honorariums and awards. I have never really been singled out to be celebrated and made the center of attention or have the lights on me, so, I celebrate myself and around people who are closest to me, I try to be the life of the party with and around them.

Standing out to be honored and celebrated is a totally amazing and an unforgettable experience- no matter how you think about it, see and put it. What inspired this blog post? Your answer…7 people I’ve come to admire, love, follow and seen as role models in the past years. Nelson Mandela, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Sarah Jakes, Alex Okosi and Nancy Isime. I totally, completely, absolutely, gimme another word…unconditionally love them.

In them, I see my past, present and future. Did you say minimalism? Creativity? God-oriented? Amusing? Inspiring?… They’re just a wonder double pack and imagine the combo on a collaborative project together- besides late Mandela though- that project is going to be super-doper-epic! These are game changers, world shapers, everything shifters, trail blazers and daaaammmmnnnnn…, you can’t have these 7 and not be disciplined, determined and diligent without anything more than success being your limit. You become who you look up to daily. Did you know that part?

You have to do a lot of work behind the scenes to merit and prepare you to be in the scene with the lights on you. So, who inspires you? What inspires you and what are you doing behind the scenes now? I know that soon and someday, I’ll make my first debut to be in the scene and from that moment, I’ll always have the lights on me to share all I’ve been working on behind the scenes.

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