Trying Celibacy

In French, this means: ‘I am single’, but…

Before we get too deep, I didn’t say I’m turning celibate. I only said I want to try celibacy. I love sex…good and great sex. I can’t deny that. Yea, I don’t have a boyfriend, but I have sexual partners and some, just for fun, others because they’re my close friends and there’s always so much passion when making out with someone you’re not only sexually attracted to, but one who reads and understands your body completely. I’m always very very careful too and sometimes, all I want isn’t sex, but just the passion, heat, warmth in cuddles and the sensation in pleasure.

I have been unintentionally celibate for about 7 months and I still survived, got my sh*t together and all my aces right. This time, I wanna stay celibate for a longer period- probably till the end of the year or 9 months. I just wanna have me for me, my body for me and a lot of people may not understand why, but I just feel I need to do this. This has nothing to do with my spiritual life as most people always do it for religious reasons. This isn’t because I’m getting married and need to keep my body tight or whatever. This isn’t also because I have any form of health issues or anything of the sort. I just want to do a proper check up, detox, stay clean, hydrated and build my body and muscles, keep my emotions outta the line and just do me. It’s a lifestyle I’m creating just for this year and whether or not anyone understands it, I don’t care. I’m simply doing me.

This time, I’ll be trying and practicing celibacy intentionally and yea, i’ll be starving myself, but no, I gotta do this, I can do this. Thinking about the whole process alone is scary and crazy, but I think I just need to control my demons. So, please say a prayer or two for an intending celibate young lady. Thank you….Cheers!!!!!!!

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