Keeping It Simple

I’ll start by making this easy for us. ASAP means As Simple As Possible too and that’s the way I’ll use it here. So, about me, I’m creating a lifestyle that is ASAP and it’s not easy to take it down a notch all at once, but I’m trying because I don’t need stress at all. I don’t mean working under pressure here- no, nothing of the sort, but reducing a lot, adopting minimalism and keeping it ASAP.

Less is luxury to me and simple is sexy too. You can be wealthy, have a lot of luxury, but still keep it simple and classy. This is a great step I’ve taken and the experience so far in the past months have really been impressive and worth the take. There’s still so much to do and that’s a step at a time thing, but truly, keeping it ASAP has given me so much happiness, peace, new mindset, great results and I feel so good deliberately keeping things ASAP.

This doesn’t mean you should discard your items and assets, but it means you could do more with little. Convert your assets to investments, engage in charity work, take out all the stuff you’ve been hoarding and create a simple and minimalist lifestyle. You can really do a lot with less… so, take out the gabbage and baggage. You need some fresh air around you.

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