Always Contagious

Sometimes, all I need around me is a baby. Their smile, laughter, tears, actions, smell, looks, everything is always so contagious. I miss my niece a whole lot and if wishes were horses, she would be with me right now. If wishes were horses again, I’d have a baby of my own, but please, I wouldn’t want him or her to grow up because I still wanna perceive that baby smell, hear the laughter, smile along, cry along and get pissed off once in a while. I totally love babies and they’re always so contagious.

This cute trouble maker has the power to make or mar your day. So, be careful what you wish for and tread with all amount of caution.

I think this is my shortest post ever, look at that picture again, didn’t you just smile or probably giggle a bit? I love babies… tell me why you shouldn’t.

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