Doing You

Yes!, there’s a lot going on and I’m just the person you need to hear the truth from. Where do I start???????? Okay, I’ll take 2 to breathe… 1…2….and, okay, so, for a while now, I’ve been on this path where I have plans for my career and lifestyle for the year, but can’t accomplish the lots of it because I have so much on my mind, in my plate, in my heart and in my head and I just might explode if I don’t start talking. Before my talk session, I have a tiny bitty confession to make.

While typing this, I opened up a new tab on my chrome browser and searched for websites that could link me up with therapists, counsellors, anyone I could talk to and equally checked out dating sites near me. Yes! I really do need someone to talk to preferably over a call or physical presence because I may not have the patience to type as much as I would want to share and I need a listening ear, some advice and a spark right now.

This path I’m walking on and phase I’ve chosen to embrace is one that requires a lot of consistency, time, energy, focus, attention to details, emotional intelligence, creativity and a whole lot more which can only be made possible and realized if I start doing me. I’ll have to embrace me for who I am, do what I need to do, get my aces and simply work with a lifestyle I’ve chosen for myself and caring less about what people say and do. My level of productivity, positivity, vibe, energy, creativity, happiness and peace will depend on what I do to make me work the way I want and that Is totally up to me to decide whether or not I’m willing to go against all evens and odds to do me.

This won’t be easy at all, because I always try to put others first and not do anything that will jeopardize my placement/reputation in the eyes of many who know me directly and indirectly. However, these days, I’ve been trying to live my best life regardless of what anyone says or does. I have to consciously live my life and do what’s best for me without feeling guilty about it. I advice you should do same and try to live your life the best way possible. Let nothing and nobody steal your joy…JUST DO YOU!

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