Stand For Something…

Knowing what to do and doing it can be really difficult sometimes especially if you’re still trying to find a path and a balance. I have always wanted to be a writer and I do love writing a whole lot. I had always wanted to share my stories with others and give people words of encouragement, advice, hope and something to build on. I knew I needed to start writing, putting myself out there, showcasing my skills, gifts and offering people a good or service. Eventually, I started out writing stories, articles, poems and would sometimes post them on my facebook feed because that was where I was a bit comfortable and had a few friends. Social media platforms, writing sites and blogging became a culture for a lotta people, but I was still sceptical, scared and without any form of motivation. Everybody was doing something, owning something and I had nothing I could proudly call my own. I represented nothing, but helped others build their brands, network and following.

I did have a lotta ideas in mind, businesses and all, but getting it past just an idea phase was a major issue that lasted for years. I was behind while everyone else was either tweeting and gaining followers, selling their brand and pictures on Instagram for followers and money, getting professional about their careers on LinkedIn, acquiring skills, gaining certificates online, receiving honorariums and awards, blogging, vlogging, coding, building apps, doing this and that, but I was still in a box because people put me there and I built even another box for myself in the box I was. I just wanted my comfort zone and thought all the rush would end one day, but it never did and I was alone, sleeping for nothing- because I wasn’t even sitting nor standing.

Last year 2019, I had a mindset shift about a lot and really wanted to stand for something. I wanted to own something, something that I could talk about and I tried writing, making podcasts, posting pictures on Instagram, tweeting, created a LinkedIn profile and gradually stepped out of my comfort zone. I created this blog in November 2019 and didn’t know what to do, how to go about it, what to talk about, but I explored and just decided to keep writing even if I was only liking my posts and following myself for weeks and a whole month. I was excited when I had my first follower, a 2nd, 3rd and now 14 followers. I was super excited! On the 6th of January 2020, I decided to create an Instagram account @scrambledstory- you can follow my blog if you use Instagram, thank you- and without making a sponsored posts just yet, I have 30 followers in one month and that’s a whole bundle of achievement for somebody who was once in a box. In the box, I still curated content for myself and that period has helped me push through the times when I am down now.

You may have a lot of ideas right now. You might feel down and laid back just the same way I did, but don’t let that moment stop you from doing what you know best- even if you’re sleeping while doing it. Someday, you’ll sit, stand up and speak for yourself and what you own. Give it time, but let growth take it’s place. Everybody does not have the same time frame and success rate so, don’t let people’s stories and the internet rush you. Do your thing at your own place, but don’t stay in the box. While in it, try to create something you can be proud of and show to the world when you’re finally out. It may be comfy and cozy in there, but don’t move in with your life. Your future needs you to be standing and not sleeping. People only see those who stand and not sleep. They follow those who have something to offer. Don’t be ashamed of what you have to offer and don’t be afraid to start small. Someday, i’ll get a domaine for my blog, a personal website and will start vlogging too. Until then, I am standing for what I own now, and will speak for it too. Start creating something while you’re sleeping and sitting; so someday, you’ll stand for something and speak for it too… Cheers!

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