It’s pretty amazing how something that seems invisible and insignificant can make it rain, cause a storm or just leave a drought. Today, I’ve been a total combo of all five colors and few minutes ago just before I wrote this, I was a red, then I got a mixture of red, orange and yellow. I took a walk, came back, sat here and forced myself to be a neon when I was obviously a yellow. And just as I began typing, my colleague walked in, we got talking, laughing and now, I’m a green, with a neon in between.

Your mood has a power of it’s own. It can either give you a lot of friends or take the lots of them away. It can land you some level of productivity or just slide you down a drain. This can attract and equally repel. Your mood either keeps you positive or negative. And everybody has had all five moods and will always switch with time and in time. A word, an emoji, an act, a sound, a smell and a lot can turn your mood board off or on, totally reduce it or slightly increase it. It depends on you to decide if you should let that mood steal your joy, take away your peace, leave you feeling empty or terrified or just simply bubble you up.

It’s okay to be a red, an orange, a yellow, a neon and a green. You can’t be a go green every time and yes, life sucks sometimes and you can’t get a hold of what your thoughts say. Right now, I really want to listen to some music, soak up in the shower, have some mad sex, eat, see a movie or just sleep; but that’s far from it cause I’m at work, on my desk and still have 3 more work hours to go and will probably get home 2 more hours after that as a result of the traffic. So, I gotta continue working, reading, sipping some lemon water and wishing my tables would turn someday from an employee to an employer. Till then, I’m the director of my own mood.

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