Valentine In A Bit…

Valentine is few days away and I am single, far away from home and I don’t have a date. So, I’ve made plans on how to make the most of that day and my weekend.

This year, Valentine will be on a Friday and my work closes by 2pm every Friday. After work, I’ll go to the Cinema, see a movie I really want to see- on my own and that’s going to be a first time having a solo movie experience and something I’ve always wanted to try. After the movie, I should go for a run, hike or just do laundry at home to avoid the price hike and buzz that takes place on that day. If all of these don’t go according to plan, I won’t miss my work out for anything and I’ll be excited I spent my evening doing something really productive, challenging and motivating.

It may seem a bit quiet for anyone who is single on that day and has no plans, gifts and all, but don’t stay down. You can go out, send emojis to loved ones, take selfies, get in the shower or tub, do your skin care routine that day, visit places you’d always wanted to go, see a movie, sleep or just read, write and do anything that won’t make you feel sad, gloomy and unloved because the greatest valentine gift you’ll ever get is the one you give yourself first. So, do you on Valentine’s day. Love yourself unconditionally before loving others.

Do have a great Valentine’s day, have fun and don’t forget to share your experience. Love some more…I love you too!

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