Switching Jobs; Changing Roles

My Ideal Workplace Culture

What’s your career story like? A 9-5er or Freelancer???? Do you love your job or are you multitasking different roles or switchings jobs? What’s your ideal workculture?

I have always dreaded Mondays and wished work comenced on Tuesdays by 9:00am and ended by 5:00pm all through to Fridays when work would end by 2:00pm. With this, a lot of people would have so much time to work and rest and build both their professional and personal lives. Yea, we could always have virtual meetings on Mondays to commence and prepare for the week and on Friday afternoon to track our achievements and setbacks.

I really don’t like stretched out jobs without brunch and lunch hour. We could take 30 mins off for brunch and an hour out for lunch to help the team relax, rapport and restore for the remaining hours. I believe this will keep team members more active, connected, passionate and productive. And yea, the kictchen will always have a menu to quench thirst and hunger.

Did I say anything ’bout dress culture? I strongly recommend a business casual for Tuesday and Wednesday, but Thursday and Friday can have anything especially some sneakers and sandals. I love Tees and folded sleeves with Denim and sneaks. Just something good-looking, modest and most importantly, comfortable. I love couches, comfy sofas, throw pillows, good lighting, minimal but lovely aesthetics and interiors with neutral and accent colors, a good work desk, space, a meeting room and a lounge with game gadgets and no chairs. In total, we’d have 3 rooms, a kitchen, the convenience and that’s all.

My ideal work culture is my company. I believe in creating a comfortable working environment where ideas can be incubated and accelerated in the long run. What is your ideal work culture?

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