Creating A Lifestyle

Live with less stress by creating a lifestyle….

Creating a lifestyle sounds really cool, and seems quite expensive….but that isn’t true. You can create a lifestyle and look classy by living a minimal life and one that totally depicts who you are. How can you make this possible?

  • Take out time to study yourself: Know the things you like and dislike like colors, weather, movies, books, food, clothes, places… It’ll help you know what to spend your energy doing.
  • Do what works for you: Create a pattern or routine around the things you love, admire, appreciate and would recommend. This will keep you going all year round, make you peaceful and more excited about waking up to a brand new day. So, if it’s the colors of clothes you wear that determine your mood, attitude and cash out for the day; it’s best you keep a wardrobe of clothes that keep you feeling active, peaceful, happy and wealthy.
  • Design your palette: Not everything that works for others will work for you too. You’ll need to create a pattern that you love and want and others will simply follow suit, understand you better and in turn make your lifestyle theirs or simply use your palette a template for theirs- because your lifestyle is an inspiration to a lot of people. Some you know, and others you don’t.
  • Make it known: You can’t have a lifestyle and not let others know you do. People may notice, observe, pay attention to details, but not every one has that skill and you may have to put it out there to let them know that this is what works for you- so they’ll know how to treat you better, address you, while some may even get inspired to do what you do.
  • Be consistent, but flexible: A lifestyle automatically brands you and becomes your trademark eventually. You should be consistent with the lifestyle you create because it lessens the stress and yea, to me, minimalism is key. What’s yours?

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