Take Time Out To Unwind… Relax!

Don’t tell me you’re too busy to relax those nerves either. Regardless of your age, class, social status, color, language, occupation, income, personality and whatever classification you identify yourself with, you need to chill out sometime to relax and unwind. I’m not suggesting you wait for a long holiday to go on a getaway, a vacation to some island or a three day stretch timeout for relaxation and comfort. Rather, all you need is a day off, a few hours to do whatever keeps you calm, peaceful, happy and equally revives, restores, helps you get relaxed and rejuvenated.

Personally, I love to unwind a lot from all the stress, pressure, anxiety, negative vibes, bad energy and everything that totally drains me out including relationships. I have a couple of good-bad habits that help me unwind. I pair good and bad together because to some, they’re good and to others, they’re bad, but to me, it’s a good kinda bad which I love. Sometimes, I smoke cigarette because it keeps me so calm, peaceful and totally relieves, relaxes, replenishes, restores and rejuvenates me completely. If I’m tensed, under pressure, stressed and going through a lot, I simply go somewhere and light up. Other times, I listen to songs I love and relax in the beats and lyrics or just dance slowly to the rhythm. I can sleep, eat, sleep again and just keep calm. Yea, I love great kisses, romance, foreplay and sex too because it does relax me a lot- with the right person and at the right time- although most times it’s usually a spontaneous act… never in the plan. I could spend a whole day seeing movie after movie and not get tired. I could take a walk to the park, the lake, the beach and just embrace nature, sit on a mountaintop, write poems, or just lie in bed alone or with a friend discussing, chatting or just simply cuddling up.

You really need to unwind sometime. It could be a daily, weekly, monthly ritual… however, whenever, wherever you wanna do it. I want to learn painting and swimming so I could add these to my list. I’ll start going to the spa too because I want to have a lot of options whenever I need to unwind. The most important thing is, take out time sometime to unwind and yes, relax. The world will always move on whether you care for yourself or neglect yourself. It’s all in your hands… This week, take out a couple of hours to deliberately unwind…. Relax!

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