Stop Chasing Highs

Money, drugs, food, drinks, parties, sex, trends, friends, cars, fashion, beauty, curves, skin, trips, gadgets, friends and everything that gives us some sort of short term excitement, feeling of accomplishment, validation, attention are all highs. We chase these temporary life booters which only make us feel so damn good for a moment, but break us down even more. Why chase a short term feeling rather than a long term asset?

The crave for attention, validation and happiness has eaten up a lot of long term dreams, because these days, ‘everyone else is happy, out there, noticed, accomplished and getting their sh*t together except me…’ What the f*ck does that even mean?

Slowly, addiction takes the front pew and all we think of is getting more, more and more. There are freebies, bonus packages and discounts everywhere; constantly drawing more people into the circle-while it gets bigger and larger. Needs have lost it’s value and place to wants and we can’t even differentiate between what we want and need anymore.

Don’t let the internet rush you… Don’t live a life after trends… Don’t be the person you’re not… Don’t buy on impulse… Don’t get influenced too easily… Highs are only short term confidence and happiness boosters- they never last. I call it ‘slow poison’- one i definitely don’t need. Is the high you’re chasing a need or a want? Necessary and immediate or not? It’s up to you to decide if the ride is worth the take or not…

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