Wrap-Up January

If you noticed how fast January ran through, you’d realize that time waits for no one. Maybe it’s the Winter or Harmattan shifts weekly that sped it up, but what was your January like?

I had a pretty interesting start because i got featured on http://www.pocarti.com -a website that shares the greatness story in entrepreneurs. I was pretty excited starting out the year with so much goodness. You can click on the link below for more information: https://pocarti.com/lack-of-originality-emotional-intelligence-destroys-communication/

Also, I started a course on ‘Storytelling’ which i’ll complete in two days and get my certificate of accomplishment.

Did you set goals for January? How many have you achieved? Don’t worry if you can’t achieve all of it. You still have few more days to go…so, buckle up!

This month, I’m excited about how much I’ve put my themes for the year to use. (Check previous post) I grew some more followers on social media, i took my personal branding seriously and I’m putting in a whole lot for my career plans with a YouTube channel that will be launched in April- this year. I was really strategic in January and i’ve achieved a bundle of happiness, peace and satisfaction as rewards for my productivity.

What book have you read this month? Me: ‘The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck’ by Mark Manson. You:???

What self-love package did you gift yourself this month? Me: Wore my makeup and slayed… Got me a manicure and pedicure touch… Did some exercises and yeah!, sexercises too… I took some twerk lessons… Visited some new fun places in AkwaIbom- Ibeno Beach and in Abuja- Beer Barn, City Park and Jabi Lake Mall… Ate some hot peppered goat meat and barbecued fish… Made some new friends… Had a movie marathon weekend and took my ginger. green tea, cinammon and triple egg routine seriously… I finally had a great time out studying and Praying to God. You:???

I hope you took some selfies too???

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