Don’t Just Suffer…

A lot of us do things because we believe it’s the right thing to do and it doesn’t matter if we’re alone doing it and suffering for a martyr’s title- which may never come. We tend to dedicate our lives- if not our entire lives- most times to a cause that may end up useless and perhaps destructive, but totally without a purpose and reward. We claim to have a reason for holding back, fighting the very things we cannot, staying loyal to a fault and just taking up meaningless projects that can’t even hold water. I know suffering is inevitable and most persons simply choose to suffer and suffer in vain. They try to be the victims till the end with some level of confidence and hope that their story will eventually result in some sort of applause, paparazzi, an honorarium, make the headlines or probably have them saved by some knight in shiny armor or super hero.

Even the word of God requires that we ‘fight the good fight of faith’ not some useless and purposeless fight. Why are you suffering at all? Why have you chosen to be a victim of your circumstance? Why are you carrying the world on your shoulders or trying to fight for a long lost forgotten trend? What is the purpose of your unending tears, struggle, pain, suffering as a whole?

Over time, we get to realize that the many tears, fights, struggles we had and victim/ role model we played actually meant nothing to the people we tried to please and added no value to our lives. We simply suffered in vain for a futile cause. Don’t just suffer, but attach a purpose to your suffering. If it won’t yield any good fruits; don’t waste your time, energy and money or risk your emotions, mental health on it. Don’t just suffer; attach a value to your suffering and let it be for a cause. If your suffering has a well structured purpose, you may as well endure or enjoy the process- whichever works for you.

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