New Year… New Decade

Happy New Year Fam…

It still feels like the last year and decade was just yesterday, but we’re already 14 days gone in the new year and counting down to 351 days. What’s the plan for the new year?

Last year, I’m excited I was able to chase my passion and build all the capacity I needed which opened doors for me and took me to greater heights. Leaving my comfort zone in order to grow was definitely a big deal for me, but my determination, discipline and diligence paved a way for me. Yes, I must include that God was faithful to me.

This year, my themes are: ‘Personalize Your Life and Increase Your Social Standing’ which are exactly what I wanna set aside my 2020 for. I wanna take my life more personal by practicing more self love, branding me, working on my niche, investing in me and personalizing a lot of things with my identity on them. I have declined a lot from social media and I must say i’m not proud of my statistics on social media. No posts, no followers, no adventures, no stories, no visibility… and this year, that’s gon’ change for the better. I’ll put myself more out there. I know what i’m passionate about and I’ve built capacity for a lot in 2019 and this year, it’s time to personalize and showcase those things. It’s a fresh start and I’ve set goals that i’ll definitely achieve with determination, discipline and diligence.

2020 marks the start of a new decade and you might have plans for it too, but how about having a theme for the decade? My theme for the decade is #Growth! Growth means letting good things go so you can grow. Growth is leaving your comfort zone to achieve more. Growth is taking a long walk to freedom. Growth means changing a lot of things for the better and I definitely wanna grow. So, i’ll do what it takes even if it means starving myself for results.

What are your themes for the new year and maybe the decade too?

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