There Is Nothing Wrong With You

The world today makes people with weaknesses and limitations feel disadvantaged, down-casted, dejected and disconnected. We’re made to believe that to be truly happy, we need to be accepted and to be accepted, we need to do what others are doing. No! That’s a totally fucked up lie. Social media has served a great deal of purpose in disorienting our minds about how best to live life in order to get best results. This has left so many others displeasing themselves just to get validation which they feel will give happiness and peace at the end of the day. Well, that’s always a futile journey that rather leaves people in jeopardy, debt, failure, bankruptcy and makes them suicidal.

It’s time to unlearn a lot of things we’ve consciously and unconsciously learnt overtime about everything, life, what makes us happy, gives us peace and so much more. We are made to want what others have- even when it’s not immediate and important. We’re made to mimic people’s lives because we want to be like them- even when we’re created with different fingerprints showing that we’re all different. We simply want what makes the people we see on screens and read in books happy and peaceful.

A true story of any man or woman who is successful, happy and peaceful is never one without the dejected, disorganized, disconnected, down-casted and disadvantaged epistles. Stop letting things bother you too easily. Stop getting anxious about the things that make you anxious. Stop getting angry and hating on yourself for being angry. Stop masquerading yourself in attires, makeup and gadgets that you think will get you the validation you so desire and make you happy.

We all have a dark side we don’t put out there. We all fail at somethings sometimes. We all go broke at some point in our lives. Dwelling so much on what we don’t have, but desire so much only makes us realize that we are disadvantaged and disconnected from those who have these things in abundance. Meanwhile, most times, these people do not actually or really have these things on a platter of gold- they sweat for it too and sometimes, just borrow, use and return. We think about the different things that could wrong with us and have led us to crossroads so much that we feel there’s something actually wrong with us. We feel we are not good enough- so, we thrive for self improvement and work our asses out to be qualified. We feel we are not beautiful and handsome enough- so, we live on Instagram and YouTube checking up on skincare, make up, what to eat, rub, what hair style could fit and sometimes, even go the extra mile to recite words that’ll reassure us of how beautiful we are. We want to have that perfect body and hit the gym even when we don’t have same body types and goals. We feel the job we’re doing isn’t paying us just enough to pay up bills and acquire more, but who really gives a fuck about what car you drive, what clothes you wear, what scent you use, what food you eat, what brand of gadget you patronize, what this and what that? Nobody gives a fuck about your life except you. So, Stop worrying and getting yourself worked up over things that don’t count or matter, but knocks off your happiness and peace. There is nothing wrong with you. You gradually get to a point where you feel bad and suddenly feel bad for even feeling bad. You are so angry at everything that you suddenly become angry at yourself for always being angry. You hate the way you look and want to become more beautiful and sexier. Just stop!

For a moment, take your time and breathe. Go bare feet, dance in the rain, acquire something less expensive, do what’s within you budget and stop living a flamboyant life when you can’t afford it just yet. Live within your means and be happy with you. It’s totally normal to be unhappy sometimes. It’s normal to be jobless. It’s normal to be single and for a while, your life just doesn’t move. If you want to get an asset, acquire anything, do something to spice up your life; then, it’s best you do what’s important and immediate. There is nothing wrong with you for getting it all wrong. There is nothing wrong with you for not realizing this early enough. The world will only encourage you to feel that there’s something wrong with you when you don’t have all that you need- meanwhile, you have all that you need, but only want more. There is nothing wrong with you!

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